Has Claire Underwood Ever Broken The Fourth Wall On 'House Of Cards'? This One Moment Unites The Underwoods

by Allison Piwowarski

It finally happened, you guys. (Spoilers from the finale episode of House of Cards Season 4.) After four long and winding seasons of House of Cards, Claire Underwood finally broke the fourth wall. And if you didn't get chills from it, then kudos to you, because it was one of the most powerful scenes I think the series has ever had. We all know that Frank Underwood has a knack for breaking the fourth wall and addressing the audience throughout the series, but this is the first time Robin Wright's character, Claire Underwood, has joined in. Hell, this is the first time anyone has joined.

During the final scene of House of Cards Season 4 — I repeat, spoilers for the Season 4 finale — the power players in the U.S. government look on as the Miller father is beheaded by the ICO terrorists who had him and his family hostage. It's a horrifying scene that almost everyone in the room looks away from. But the two at the head of the table, Frank and Claire, watch, before Frank delivers a line that will send chills up and down your spine. In an ordinary breaking of the fourth wall, Frank addresses the audience and says, "That's right, we don't submit to terror." At this point, Claire has looked at him speaking and seems to be listening. Then, Frank looks at Claire, and then they both look at the audience as Frank says, "We make the terror." Scene.

WHAT? If you're wondering if this has ever happened before, then you're not alone. Thus far into the series, Frank has made it his "thing" to address the audience directly. Since we're watching the show from his perspective, in a way, it makes sense why he directly addresses us. Earlier in the show, when he had all of his ducks in a row, he addressed the audience a lot. In later seasons, however, it seems that he has lost control of what's going on around him, therefore the direct moments have lessened. Could it be because he feels detached from the American people?

This is the first time Claire has ever broken the fourth wall. Because it was the final scene of the season, who knows if it will become a trend in the future, but for now, we can certainly dissect what it might mean. Before the beheading scene, Frank and Claire decided to wage a war. They became one — a united front — that wouldn't be taken down by anyone or anything in their way. For the first time in a while, they actually seemed like they were on the same team and the same page. This might be why Claire suddenly broke the fourth wall. She and Frank are united, therefore she's able to address the people watching.

This moment, however small, was a huge mind-bender that I'm severely hoping becomes a trend in Season 5. Claire's waited long enough to get in a seat of major power. This moment has been a long time coming.