Fans Don't Know What Happened To MTV's 'Pretty Little Mamas'

Trailers for MTV's new reality show Pretty Little Mamas made it seem like The Hills-meets-Teen Mom: it followed a group of young mothers, all age 25 or younger, as they navigated their lives in San Diego. It seemed on brand for the network, but it mysteriously vanished after only two episodes. Has MTV said anything about Pretty Little Mamas and why it's no longer on the schedule? Is there an explanation for its absence?

Romper reached out to MTV for comment but has not heard back at this time. There haven't been any announcements on the show's social media accounts since it was pulled, nor has MTV released an official statement on the subject. Though members of the cast have continued to be active on social media, they haven't commented on the show or what might be happening behind the scenes. The first two episodes aired as planned, but when viewers tried to tune into the third, they found reruns of Jersey Shore and Floribama Shore there instead. So far Pretty Little Mamas hasn't technically been cancelled, but its future isn't clear at all. Fans have no way of knowing why the show stopping airing or if it's gone for good.

Shows can be cancelled within a few episodes or networks can decline to renew them after their first season finishes, but it's rarer for a series to simply disappear without a word. Pretty Little Mamas might return later in a different time slot, but it might also be over.

It's possible that controversy over the show's release contributed to MTV's decision, but that hasn't been confirmed. Some viewers thought the show seemed fake, with Distractify citing one fan tweet that read, "Pretty Little Mamas sounds like a fake reality show SNL would use for a skit." Reality shows can often be produced to some degree, resulting in scenarios that are both real and fictionalized, but perhaps prospective views just couldn't suspend disbelief for Pretty Little Mamas.

There were also criticisms that the series was glamorizing young motherhood because of the moms' apparently luxurious lifestyles. But Nikki Hussey, one of the show's stars, refuted both claims while speaking with People. "People who watch our series and get to go on this journey with us will start to understand and notice that it really is not glamorous," Nikki said. "We are normal moms that are struggling to balance it all."

It doesn't seem like Pretty Little Mamas had enough time to earn or alienate an audience, which makes its sudden unavailability all the more puzzling. According to People, episodes and clips of the show were scrubbed from MTV's website shortly after it ceased airing, but they were later restored. However, there no longer seems to be a page for Pretty Little Mamas on MTV's website.

Fans remain confused about MTV's decision to take the show off the air and no reason seems to be forthcoming. Until the network decides to reveal their motives, whatever's going on with Pretty Little Mamas is still a mystery.