Jenga-Monopoly? Twister-Scrabble? These Mashup Games Are *Hilarious* — Exclusive

by Lindsay E. Mack

If you'd like to liven up game night, why not try some games that offer a totally new twist on old favorites? Hasbro's "Mashup" boardgames combine two classics into one awesomely new experience. For instance, what happens when you mix Candy Land with Connect Four, or Twister with Scrabble? These beloved classics get smashed together to create a totally new game-playing experience for your whole group.

The 5 Mashup games will be available for purchase exclusively at Target, and they will hit shelves on October 6. The collection includes Candy Land Connect 4, Guess Who? Clue, Taboo Speak Out, Monopoly Jenga, and Twister Scrabble edition and will retail for $15-$20. If some of these combos have you going "wait, what?", then that's all part of the fun. Yes, the infamously silly Twister will have you trying to spell out words while getting your knee over your elbow (or something like that). Plus, the games are designed to fit a whole range of different ages and experience levels. Kids as young as 6 can enjoy Candy Land Connect 4, while older kids and teens will have a blast with the hysterical Taboo Speak Out.

The Jenga blocks have a little twist, thanks to Monopoly. Assemble the classic Jenga tower, then pull out and stack the individual Jenga blocks based on Monopoly properties. Players try to grab the most properties (and of course railroads) before the whole tower gets knocked over. There's other little surprises as well. For instance, choosing the Go To Jail block means losing a turn. The set includes 45 wooden Jenga blocks, the stacking sleeve, and the all-important game rules.

OK, so this one might be the most ridiculous, hysterical mash-up of all. As they race to beat the timer, players have to guess a secret word without saying any of the other five words on the card. (It's trickier than it sounds). And to make the whole thing a little sillier, players wear a mouthpiece to make it difficult to understand anything they're saying. (Watch this amazing video of Mandy Moore on The Ellen Show using a similar mouthpiece) This game includes 100 word cards, 20 challenge cards, 6 mouthpieces, a sand timer, a squeaker, and the game rules.

Twister Scrabble is a test of vocabulary as well as balance. The mat is printed with letters. The judge spins a spinner, calls out a challenge, and picks a starting letter. Not only do the players have to arrange their hands and feet on the mat, but they also need to create a word. There's a lot of twisting, shouting, and laughing involved in this game. This set includes one Twister mat with its 36 Scrabble letters, a spinner board, and the game rules.

Two of the most mysterious games ever join forces in this mash-up. In this version, players attempt to guess the suspect, murder weapon, and scene of the crime by asking a series of yes or no questions to the opponent. Any budding detectives will love this head-scratching game. This set includes a pair of game boards, 48 detective notebook cards, and 40 evidence cards.

Lastly, the Candyland and Connect 4 game is sure to create some sweet memories. Players knock plastic candies out of the bottom row of the frame, replacing it with a new disc at the top each time. As the candy tokens make their way down the board, players attempt to get sets of 2, 3, or 4 candies in a row, whether vertically or horizontally. Kids as young as 6 can start playing this game, which is sure to appeal to plenty of older children (and more than a few adults) as well. This set includes the grid with its legs and feet, a pivot bar, a slide bar, and 35 plastic candy tokens.

So if your game nights needs a little shake-up, look no further. Whether you're looking for a sweet, simple game, or something that's a little more off-the-wall, these Mashup games from Hasbro are perfect.