Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Newest Batch Of Hatchanimals CollEGGtibles

Hatchimals have been wildly popular for over a year now, and it looks like a new batch of creatures are joining the collection of magical hybrid animals. Here's what you should know about CollEGGtibles Season 2, the newest Hatchimals toys. Chances are, your kid will be all about them in no time, because they are wildly cute and collectible.

For starters, the CollEGGtibles Season 2 has over 100 new creatures to hatch and collect. Compare this to the first season's release of around 70 creatures. The new CollEGGtibles can be purchased in a variety of sets, from a single egg to a 12-pack egg carton. Kids get to crack open the egg and reveal the creature surprise, which is a fun spin on the usual methods of unboxing. The fun hybrid animals, which are often part bird, arrive in a rainbow of colors. Plus, they all have endearing expressions, and some even wink. The Season 2 animals belong in areas such as the Savannah, Garden, Crystal Canyon and Farm. In addition, CollEGGtible collectors can now search for the ultra-rare GoldenHatchimal, only 250 of which are available to find. With so many sets and creatures available, your kid can jump-start a new collection in no time.

In addition, this season includes a new Special Edition Hangouts in Hatchtopia, which all Hatchifans are sure to enjoy. Along with the launch of CollEGGTibles Season 2 comes brand new digital webisodes further detailing the world of Hatchtopia. It looks like the virtual world of Hatchimals is taking off. Overall, this second season is bringing a whole new bunch of creatures and adventures into the mix, which fans of the toys will probably appreciate.

Even if your family is not into the CollEGGtibles, chances are you are very familiar with the original Hatchimals themselves. The hit toy of 2016, Hatchimals are electronic stuffed toys that "hatch" from an egg, and they retail for about $60 at sellers such as Toys "R" Us. To put it in '90s kid terms, they resemble a less terrifying version of the Furby. At this time last year, basically every kid on the planet had a Hatchimal at the top of their holiday wish list.

These hatching creatures became a fast hit, as parents scrambled to scoop up the right eggs and get the creature their kid wanted most. Because of this must-have toy status, booming Hatchimals sales helped the toy company Spin Master generate over $1 billion in revenue in 2016, according to Kidscreen. That's a lot of Owlicorns and Draggles.

To keep the toy craze going, Hatchimals launched the first season of CollEGGtibles in early 2017, offering the tiny toy figurines hidden within chicken-sized eggs. According to Kidscreen, this new entry into the collectible toy market was a success, and the first season of CollEGGtibles had strong sales. This new generation, with even more characters, is likely to be popular as well. I mean, just look at the flamingo and cheetah characters. Adorable, right?

If you are looking for Hatchimals CollEGGtibles at retailers, then you have many choices. Currently the CollEGGtibles Season 2 are available for sale at the Spinmaster website, although some of the stock has already sold out in the time it took to write this piece. In other words, it looks like these tiny toys are selling out fast. Additional retail outlets for Hatchimals products include Amazon, Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, and Kmart. Retailing at $5 for a pack of two, or $20 for a dozen eggs, these little CollEGGTibles offer the Hatchimal name at a much lower price point. If you are really trying to make your kid's holiday this year, something tells us that these toys will surely help.

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