This Sheet Mask Meant Just For Pregnant Bellies Is The Beauty Product Of Your Dreams

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman's life, but there are surprisingly few beauty products created specifically for women going through this journey. Hoping to fill that void: Hatch Mama, a new line of natural body care and aromatherapeutic oils from the uber-chic Hatch clothing line (for maternity and beyond). A nine-piece collection including belly oil, nipple cream, and — wait for it — a sheet mask for your belly, these new products are billed as natural and totally safe for both mother and baby. So what's in the new Hatch Mama beauty line for pregnant women that makes it so special?

"We designed Hatch Mama to help women feel beautiful and confident during one of life’s most rewarding (yet also most challenging) periods to address the issues so many of us face during pregnancy and postpartum," founder Ariane Goldman tells Romper. "In order to continue to feed our passions and our babies, we need to take care of our bodies, holistically and intentionally. This seemed like a natural evolution for us and was born of the same need to give women products that celebrate this moment in their life and beyond," Goldman adds.

"Finding healthy ways to reduce stress is an essential part of optimizing the health of mothers-to-be and the development of their babies from conception through the postnatal period," psychologist and prenatal specialist Ann Diamond Weinstein, Ph.D., wrote for Psychology Today. It's so true that self-care is super important when you're expecting, both for your sake and for the well-being of your little one, and what's more fun for reducing stress than a sheet mask... for your belly?)

Reportedly developed by a team of both herbalists and chemists, Hatch Mama uses ingredients that are considered both super gentle and effective. Lavender, for example, has been shown in studies to work as a relaxation aid, reported everyone including The Wall Stree Journal, while aloe vera's soothing properties for the skin have been proven time and again, noted WebMd. And while you might be able to find skin care and beauty regimen products that are similarly natural and safe (two huge concerns for moms-to-be), there aren't many brands out there that were created both with your particular pregnancy needs in mind and designed to help you feel a little extra luxe. Take, for example, the minimalist (but gorgeous) packaging, which even beauty product junkies who aren't expecting will be tempted to snatch up.

And let's take a peek at the purported benefits offered by some of Hatch Mama's more unique items — for example, that belly sheet mask we just can't stop talking about. Made with propolis (which comes from honeybees and has been shown to aid in the healing of wounds and burns), the Stretch Mark Minimizing Sheet Mask ($12 for one) claims to "help minimize stretch marks during pregnancy and help soften inflamed scar tissue postpartum."

Then there's the pH-balancing Nipple + Lip Rescue Balm for $28, packed with such moisturizing, healing, and completely edible botanicals as mango butter, pomegranate and acai. (The average nipple cream isn't exactly what we'd call yummy, so this one's multi-tasking potential is a definite plus.)


Or if unrelenting queasiness is getting you down, or preventing you from keeping anything down, you might be intrigued by the Rescue Rollerball ($26). Formulated with famed nausea-fighter ginger and calming sweet orange oils, this slim and portable fragrance could just end up being your secret weapon (imagine being able to whip this out of your bag and dab some on your wrists when walking down a particularly stinky street or when your co-worker decides to microwave last night's odious leftovers for lunch).

So yes, pregnancy is a beautiful time — but it can also be an uncomfortable and even painful time when you need a little help feeling beautiful. If a belly sheet mask or can help, why not give it a try? Treat yo self, Mama — you deserve it!

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