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Just How Close Have Matt & Raven Gotten On 'Big Brother 19'?

There have been a few showmances this season of Big Brother, but the most stable seems to be Matt and Raven. So have Matt and Raven hooked up on Big Brother 19? It's hard to know for sure, but most fans seem to think so.

Matt and Raven made a connection pretty early on in the game. Pretty much as soon they entered the house, it was showmance at first sight. Since then, the pair have been attached at the hip. Though many alliances have been broken up and showmances have started throwing each other under the bus, Matt and Raven have remained loyal to each other.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean they have actually hooked up, though they have been pretty handsy and certainly have enough free time to do so since they've been floating under the radar for the whole game. Honestly, though, it doesn't matter if they have or haven't. They're both consenting adults and if they're hooking up that's their choice.

Whether they're hooking up or not, it'll be interesting to see how long this showmance lasts and if they'll make their relationship work outside of the house. While some showmances, like Brendan and Rachel, have worked outside of the game, that's definitely rare.

Though Matt and Raven live together right now, once the season is over they'll go back to their homes, which are across the country from one another. While Matt lives in Arlington, Virginia, Raven resides in DeValls Bluff, Arkansas, according to their Big Brother bios. It seems unlikely these two will be able to make a long distance relationship work, but who knows? Maybe they've really found love in a hopeless place.

In any case, it seems likely they'll relationship will at least last as long as they're in the house and thanks to the fact that they do everything Paul asks of them and haven't rocked the boat at all, it seems almost guaranteed they'll float their way to jury. In fact, thus far it seems as though their main goal is to just get to jury and not even win the $500,000 they're supposed to be competing for.

Though Paul likes the fact that these two are easy to manipulate, fans are just about over it. Hopefully, for their sakes, they do make it to jury, because at this rate it doesn't seem like either of them will actually win and they definitely won't be America's Favorite Houseguest.