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Heidi Klum's Video Of Her Breastfeeding Her Daughter Is Perfect For Mother's Day

Mother's Day: it's an entire day dedicated to honoring the amazing moms in our lives. Whether it's with flowers, a phone call, brunch with the family, or simply looking back on the memories you've shared with a mom who has since passed, moms are celebrated in countless ways. If you also happen to be a mom yourself, the second Saturday of May might come with additional reminiscing. And honestly, Heidi Klum's throwback video of breastfeeding her daughter Leni is a fitting tribute for Mother's Day.

In case you haven't kept up with the model/fashion designer/business woman extraordinaire, she's actually a mom of four. She and her ex-husband Seal have two daughters, Helene "Leni" and Lou, and two sons, Henry and Johan. according to the Daily Mail. (Although Seal adopted and helped raise Leni, her biological father is Italian businessman Flavio Briatore.) These days, Klum's eldest daughter is 15 and practically a Heidi Klum mini-me.

Ahead of Sunday, May 12 — Mother's Day, here in the U.S. — Klum took to Instagram to share a series of four old home movie clips with her followers, People reported. "Always by my side mama," Klum captioned the first video of her own mother rubbing Klum's pregnant belly.

"HAPPY #mothersday to all the Moms around the World 😘," Klum wrote alongside a video of herself showing her bare bump while sitting in front of a plate of food.

"I got it from my mama," she captioned a third video of her mother recording a heavily pregnant Klum packing what appears to be a hospital bag.

In the fourth and final throwback clip, Klum can be seen wearing pigtails and nursing her 1-day-old baby girl — with big smiles on the new mom's face the entire time. ".... and this is how it all began for me as a Mother 1 with little Leni ❤️... 🤗 ," Klum captioned the video. "I feel soooo blessed with 4 amazing children Leni, Henry, Johan and Lou . THANK YOU 🙏🏻❤️ #mothersday."

I'm not quite sure what it is about this video clip in particular that's giving me all the feels. Maybe it's how tiny her baby girl is. Maybe it's that look of pure wonder and amazement in Klum's eyes as she tries to figure out this whole breastfeeding business. (Sure it's "natural"; but it definitely didn't come naturally to me.) Or perhaps I see a reflection of myself — and I'm thinking back to the first time I breastfed one of my babies. How unsure I was. How foreign my own body seemed to me. Yet how miraculous it seemed that I was not only able to grow an entire human inside that body — but that I could then continue to nourish that human with it after he was born.

Whatever you personally take from of Klum's video, the absolute joy on the new mom's face while holding her baby is contagious. And honestly, I think it's the perfect ode to Mother's Day.