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Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt's First Photo Of Their Newborn Son Is *So* Cute

Earlier this year, The Hills alums Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt announced that, after 10 years together, they were expecting their first child. The couple naturally documented the details of the pregnancy on social media, and Oct. 1, their son, Gunner Stone, was born. In the upcoming issue of Us Weekly, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt posed with their newborn son, and the new family of three looks totally overjoyed.

In the exclusive interview, Montag and Pratt opened up to the magazine about their baby's arrival, and shared that their son — whom they worried might be premature — weighed in a healthy 6 pounds, 12 ounces. But the couple didn't just share the usual birth details: in true Speidi fashion, they also discussed their unusual thought process behind picking a name for their son, as well as their lofty goals for his future success. Pratt's plan? To raise his boy to have a future in the major leagues, "probably ... a left-handed pitcher.”

The concept of choosing your son's profession before he's even one month old might not seem to be a great idea to many parents, but, then again, Pratt definitely doesn't seem like your average dad. Claiming that "you’re not a good parent if you’re not trying to get your son set up to potentially get a $250 million gig,” Pratt explained that baseball seemed like a good choice, as he “only [wants] him to work a few days for $30 million or so." (No pressure.)

But unlike some parents, who may have athletic goals for their children based on their own childhood dreams, Pratt admitted that, to him, the choice was pretty much entirely a matter of securing his son's financial future. Pratt told Us Weekly, “If doctors were getting paid $250 million, we’d hit the books hard, but currently that’s not the reality.” As for why he chose baseball over other sports? Pratt — who has nicknamed himself “Pratt Daddy,” and no, I am not kidding — said, "As cool as NFL quarterback would be, it would just be hard for me to watch people smash my son and not run onto the field and smash them.”

If it sounds like Pratt has given this plan a lot of thought, well, it's because he really has. The new dad explained to the magazine that his son's potential athletic career also influenced the name the couple ultimately agreed upon — a decision they also didn't take lightly. During an appearance on the Allegedly with Theo Von & Matthew Cole Weiss podcast back in August, Pratt explained that he'd only considered names that weren't already associated with social media accounts, explaining that he hoped to teach his baby to "be a professional content maker," and that he'll "have an iPhone at birth," according to People. Luckily for Montag, that worked out pretty well for the name she'd had her heart set on.

Montag told Us Weekly that Gunner had “been on [her] top names since before Spencer even agreed to have kids,” while Pratt said that it seemed like a good fit for his inevitable athletic prowess, no matter what sport he pursues:

He’ll probably be a pitcher, so when Gunner steps to the mound, he’s going to be gunning those throws down home plate. If he wants to be a skier, he’s going to be gunning down those moguls. It just applies to a lot of sports.

As for their son's second name, Pratt said he considers Stone to be part of his first name, and he actually took his inspiration from an unlikely source: fellow Hills castmate, (the similarly-double-first-named) Justin Bobby. And it turns out that's not the only connection their baby will have with their reality show past. According to People, the couple chose another Hills alum, Jen Bunney, to be Gunner Stone's godmother.

It's not entirely clear exactly how Pratt will feel if it turns out that his son doesn't share his baseball dreams (or perhaps if his son just didn't happen to inherit any superstar athletic prowess). But so far, little Gunner does seem to be living up to one important expectation: he may only be 11 days old, but Montag and Pratt's son already has 14,900 followers on Instagram. His first (and only) post? The Us Weekly cover shot, in which he made his magazine debut.

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