Here Are 4 *Clues* That Jinger Duggar Is Having A Boy, According To Fans

Ever since Counting On star Jinger Duggar announced her pregnancy at the beginning of the year, fans began clamoring for more information about her baby-to-be. And now that her pregnancy with her first child is well underway, some fans think there are plenty of clues that Jinger Duggar is having a boy and are certain that she's been coyly dropping hints about her baby's sex over the past few months.

Of course, it's important to remember that all of these "clues" are just that — unsubstantiated ~*clues*~ and fan theories. Nothing has been announced or confirmed by Duggar or her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, about their baby's sex. All that has been announced is the tentative due date for their bundle of joy — sometime this summer — because Duggar has been posting pregnancy updates on Instagram every few weeks recently. Just this past Sunday, Duggar announced that she's halfway through her pregnancy and posted a photo of her bump with the caption, "👶🏼 Vuolo #20weeks."

But fans have taken these photos and updates on Instagram as an opportunity to speculate and draw conclusions about the couple's baby-to-be. And as such, some fans are downright convinced that Duggar and Vuolo are having a baby boy, solely based on these "clues" they believe they have found on social media.


The Color Of Chalk She's Been Using

Duggar's most recent pregnancy update had some fans on Instagram certain that she was expecting a boy based on the color chalk she used to write the word "baby." On Sunday, Duggar let fans know on Instagram that she was officially 20 weeks pregnant and that her baby was the size of an artichoke (which also means she is now able to determine her child's sex through an anatomy scan if she wishes to, according to What To Expect). But this led people to closely examine the photo and determine that the color of chalk she used was enough to have fans think that she is having a boy.

"Does the blue chalk spelled baby mean anything...is it a hint maybe?" one fan wrote on Instagram. "I say boy!" another commenter added. "She wrote baby in blue at 18 and 20 weeks! Maybe a boy!" someone else chimed in.


The Blue Chalk Theory — Again

Just two weeks before Duggar shared her latest pregnancy update, she took to Instagram to let everyone know that her pregnancy was 18 weeks along and the size of a pepper. But fans seemed to think that she was also *trying* to tell them that she was expecting a boy due to the fact that the word "baby" was written in blue chalk again. The second time has to be a coincidence, right? Fans seem to think so.

"Baby was written in blue but I really hope you guys have a girl!" one commenter observed. "She wrote baby in BLUE," a commenter wrote. "It's definitely a boy," another commenter added.


Her *Own* Predictions Are Pretty Telling

In a video announcing her pregnancy, shared to TLC's YouTube account, Duggar herself admitted that she thought she was having a boy. "I think it's going to be a boy," Duggar said in the video. "I have a feeling it is going to be a boy as well," Vuolo added.

You really can't debate a mother and father's intuition. If Duggar and Vuolo think they're having a boy, well, then they very well could be. And fans seem to agree.

"I'm calling it now," one fan wrote on Duggar's Instagram announcement. "It's a boy I just know it."


All Of Her Sisters Have Had Boys

With Duggar being one of 19 siblings, patterns are bound to occur. Duggar's sisters — Jill, Jessa, and Joy-Anna — have all had boys. Jill started the "trend" when she gave birth to her son, Israel David Dillard in 2015. Since then Jill has gone on to give birth to another son, Samuel Scott, this past summer. Jessa Duggar has two sons — Spurgeon and Henry. Jinger's younger sister, Joy-Anna, gave birth to her first son, Gideon, late last month.

If Jinger were to give birth to a girl, according to OK! Magazine, she would be the first Duggar daughter to welcome a daughter. While this is no indication that she will give birth to a boy, the pattern does really exist and some fans seem to believe it'll determine her baby's sex, which is why some fans are hoping for the opposite.

"Looking beautiful Jinger!" one commenter wrote on a recent Instagram post. "Maybe you will be the first Duggar sister to have a girl." "All of the sisters are having a boy, she needs a girl," another commenter added.

Duggar will announce her baby's sex when she is ready and it's likely that fans will not know until she gives birth this summer, since she has yet to reveal it thus far. Whatever the case may be, it's clear that fans are incredibly excited for baby Vuolo to arrive.

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