Here's A List Of Fingerling Knock-Offs — Be Wary Of Online Resellers

They've always said imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? Well, Fingerlings should consider themselves very flattered as there has been a surge of companies starting to sell knock-offs of the popular toy, just in time for the holidays. If the top item on your child's Christmas list is a Fingerling, you'll want to know how to spot the fakes so your kiddo isn't disappointed on Christmas morning. Here are the Fingerling knock-offs — be wary of online resellers trying to sell discounted Fingerlings or even camouflaged ones. They're not the real deal.

As you shop online for Fingerlings, there are a lot of red flags you can be looking for that will alert you to the knock-offs. First, you'll want to keep in mind what authentic Fingerlings look like. WowWee representative Alexa August tells Romper, "We have been producing some new characters so it's good to be mindful of the legitimate products being introduced!" This Facebook post from the company also helps clarify the situation with counterfeit products and provides a graphic containing hints of how to ensure you are buying authorized product.

As a rule of thumb, if you're about to click "purchase" on a camouflage Fingerling, that is definitely a fake as the Fingerling company does not make a single camouflage Fingerling at this time.

Additionally, you'll want to make sure you're buying from a reputable seller. Fingerlings are only sold by a few retailers, like Target, Amazon, Toys "R" Us, and Kohl's. There are third-party sellers who scooped up a bunch of real Fingerlings when they realized they were going going to be the top toy for Christmas this year. If you're going to take a chance on a third-party seller (and pay the mark-up), you should do so from a site like Amazon or even eBay, rather than a site with a strange name and few other real products.

If you're shopping online today, beware of these likely knock-off Fingerlings.


The first clue that these Fingerlings aren't real is that they're a wacky pattern. Check the Fingerlings website if you're wondering whether a Fingerling with a funky pattern is legit.


If the website is offering a large quantity of Fingerlings at wholesale pricing, that's a tip-off that you could be buying knock-off fingerlings.



Not all sellers on eBay are hawking fake Fingerlings, so you'll have to know what to look for. First tip? Make sure the Fingerling is coming with the original packaging, unlike this seller, because the packaging should state what store the Fingerling was originally purchased at. That will help you confirm its authenticity.



If you are concerned that the site you've found that claims to have Fingerlings in stock isn't legit, like Sallystorm, have a poke around the rest of the site to see what else they sell. Additionally, if a site is selling Fingerlings for less than $14.99, that's an instant flag that it's not a reputable seller.



Another big red flag is if you spot two websites that look identical (and not terribly professional) selling Fingerlings, like Sallystorm and Zeatee, for less than the typical price. Beware — you're probably about to get scammed with an imitation Fingerling.


EBay Selling Fox Fingerlings

Know your Fingerlings, parents. WowWee, the makers of the official Fingerlings, does not make a fox Fingerling. Sorry, eBay seller, this is not a real Fingerling.



Likewise, WowWee does not make squirrel Fingerlings, so these from TideBuy are a no-go if you're searching for the real deal.


Rose Wholesale

Unfortunately, if the site isn't able to tell you about the name of the Fingerling you're buying and only refers to it by its color, like Rose Wholesale, that's a sign that it could be a knock-off.



Keep a look out for obvious typos on the seller's site. For example, on WowiMart, the information about the Fingerling has obviously been cut and pasted from the official website, but there's duplicate information in the blurb about the product. Additionally, zero review for the site doesn't bode well for the product's authenticity.

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