Here's A Twin Pregnancy Time-Lapse Video, Because "Time-Lapse Or It Didn't Happen" Is The New Pregnancy Rule — VIDEO

As if there weren’t enough adorable things being posted on the Internet at this very moment, we happened to come across this time-lapse video of a twin pregnancy featuring the mother, future big brother and father. Excuse me while I have a brief moment of nostalgia for my own pregnancies, which were not well-documented at all. (Way to go, Past Me. I hate you.)

It’s hard for me to imagine having pulled this type of project off during my second pregnancy. I admit, I tried to document the first pregnancy, but I didn’t plan well enough ahead to use the same backdrop every time. By the time number two rolled around, I was deep in the trenches of the terrible twos (with my daughter, that is) and getting through a day where neither of us cried was considered a big accomplishment. TL; DR: Excuses. I didn't make a pregnancy video.

Pregnancy, for all its weirdness and stress, really is such a beautiful, magical time, though. Documenting it this way is a wonderful tribute to the incredible changes that a woman's body goes through. I especially love how this family involved their older son. It seems like an easy and brilliant way to include him in the pregnancy, and help foster love for his future siblings.

So, inspired couples out there, never stop making these lovely videos. They celebrate life in every sense of the word, and that is never a bad thing. We could all use more of that in our lives.

Watch the entire video here:

Image: Heather Tomoyasu/YouTube