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Fall Equinox Is The Perfect Time For Even The Littlest Family Members To Seek Balance

Now that summer's over, we're all anxiously awaiting relief from the heat and maybe a pumpkin spice latte to warm the hands and spirit. But beyond normal seasonal changes, a new astrological season is on its way as well and for all the zodiac buffs who want to see what the cosmos have in store for the back end of the year, here's how the fall equinox will affect your kids.

Each year contains two equinoxes, summer and fall, when the earth's tilt toward the sun creates days and nights of equal length and corresponds to one of the cardinal signs — Aries in Spring and Libra in autumn, according to In addition to corresponding to a new astrological season, Fall Equinox signifies lengthening nights until Winter Solstice when daylight starts steadily creeping back into our waking hours. It's no secret that the sign of Libra seeks balance in all things, and with the sun also occupying sociable signs Scorpio and Sagittarius before winter arrives, Astrologist Jan Spiller noted on her website that it's time to reap what you've sown throughout the year and put some effort into sharing it with loved ones and your community.

So what is the particular flavor of the 2018 Fall Equinox? Southwest Florida-based astrologer Bob Mulligan says that the equinox will test everyone's emotional sensitivity (do kids need more of that?), but balance in our relationships and in the world at large are possible. "Each of us can make necessary adjustments in our personal lives through an act of will," he says in an email to Romper. "Other people's expectations tend to be wildly inflated, but the moon is trine Venus and Sextile Saturn, indicating hard work is necessary but emotional equilibrium is achievable."

So how can kids honor their own annual harvest and find balance? "The day of the Fall Equinox is a time to give thanks for the fruits of the earth and recognize the need to share them to secure the blessings of spiritual forces," Spiller noted on her website. "Sometime during the day, set aside time for a ritual that involves an outreach to others." Children in the fall signs of Libra, Scorpio, and Sagittarius will be compelled even more than others to share the wealth with people they love and to find equilibrium in their personal relationships and space. There's a reason we all anticipate warm, inviting fireplaces with loved ones gathered around, isn't there?

One way to mark the change in seasons and the bounty your family will reap this season is to create a gratitude list to share at the dinner tables. Kids can also extend the activity into a mindful practice in their class of thanking their friends, classmates, and teachers for being an awesome addition to their little lives.

It's true that the changing seasons and coming holidays evoke the sense of endings, but the truth is that Fall Equinox can also be celebrated as a new season and a new beginning. Remember, thanks to Libra being the cardinal sign that ushers in this phase of the astrological calendar, fall is a good season to initiate change that embraces balance in all things. Fall cleaning is a thing, so why don't you get your family onboard to clear your home of objects that have accumulated over the course of the year that you know won't make it into 2019. Pilled bathing suits, over-loved beach towels, 40 bottles of sunscreen that have only a few squirts left — all of it can go to make space for the coming "harvest."

So while you cozy up for sweater weather with a mug of hot tea, remember that fall isn't all about finding hygge, and there's plenty to be done so you and your children can enjoy the best of the season with friends and family.