HGTV's 2019 Lineup Could Help You Plan Your Dream Home

New Year's Eve is the last hurrah of the holiday season, a sparkling countdown to a brand new year that dawns bright and early the next morning whether you're hungover or not. New Year's Day is all about creating a fresh start, and what better way to do that then by giving your home an aesthetic upgrade? Ten new episodes of fan favorite HGTV shows are premiering on Jan. 1 starting at 2 PM. And here's the full HGTV 2019 lineup so you can plan your next dream house.

These ten episodes are bound to offer you a little inspiration when it comes to zhuzhing up your own home, or just daydreaming about the incredible vacation home you might have one day. Consider it a day of travel from the comfort of your couch as HGTV leads you to the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and more. After all the shopping and decorating and cooking and traveling that fill the weeks from Thanksgiving to Christmas, a cozy day of vicarious real estate might be a fun way to welcome the new year.

And with so many shows featured in HGTV's New Year's Day marathon, you'll be sure to find something that gives you a boost of residential creativity.

Caribbean Life


Caribbean Life starts the day off on HGTV at 2 PM, and it follows families looking for affordable homes in stunning locales. If that January chill has got you down, perhaps a visual visit to Turks and Caicos will warm you up.

Mediterranean Life

Travel overseas from the Caribbean to the Mediterranean with two showings of Mediterranean Life at 3 and 3:30 PM. You'll get a thorough look at such stunning sights as Spain's Costa del Sol and Croatia's Dalmatian coast. ABBA musical numbers presumably not included.

Bahamas Life


If you're not exhausted by all that blue water yet, then Bahamas Life will offer you another dose of gorgeous scenery at 4 PM and 4:40 PM.

Off the Grid, On the Beach

Off the Grid, On the Beach debuts an hour of two new episodes starting at 5 PM. This time the homes aren't limited to one or two locations: buyers will be traveling near and far to find the perfect beach home for them.

Pool In My House

At 6 PM, Pool In My House explores the world of indoor pools. Whether it's a spa, a family pool, or a party spot, this show will make you incredibly jealous with all kinds of luxurious private indoor pools.

My Lottery Dream Home

David Bromstad leads two new episodes of My Lottery Dream Home at 7 PM and 7:30 PM. In the first, new millionaires Helen and Chris of Vero Beach, Florida, discover a seaside home with its very own spa. In the second, single dad Matthew needs help finding his ideal house in Richmond, Virginia.

HGTV Dream Home 2019

At 8 PM, Alison Victoria and Brian Patrick Flynn introduce a Rocky Mountain retreat on HGTV Dream Home 2019. Viewers will get to see every step of the journey, from the idea to the execution (and all the bumps along the way). Then one member of the audience will win the chance to make it their own.

Windy City Rehab

Windy City Rehab kicks off at 9 PM with some complicated renovations and risky property investments. Alison Victoria returns to fix up Chicago homes and put them on the market, though there are often many obstacles in the way.

House Hunters


The night begins to wind down with an episode of House Hunters at 10 PM. This couple is searching for a vacation house in Vermont, though they have very different ideas in mind. One half of the pair is interested in a cabin that can withstand any season so she can garden to her heart's content, while the other half prioritizes skiing above all else.

House Hunters International


Finally, House Hunters International closes out the day-long marathon at 10:30 PM. A couple from San Diego travel to Cabo San Lucas in hopes of cutting down on their stress with a new house. Because buying a new house is never stressful.

But watching someone else do it while you're happily settled at home is a pretty relaxing way to start off 2019.

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