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Here's What Smalls From 'The Sandlot' Looks Like All Grown Up

Scotty Smalls was the protagonist of the 1993 hit film The Sandlot, and he was the one who set the whole plot in motion; if not for his wayward borrowed baseball, no one might have ever directly crossed paths with the infamous Beast. But it's been a long time since the days of sandlot sports, so many fans of the film might be wondering what he's up to today — and what Smalls from The Sandlot looks like IRL now that he's all grown up.

Smalls was played by actor Tom Guiry in his motion picture debut. Now 36 years old, Guiry is still a working actor, though you might not easily recognize him anymore. He's been working steadily since the days of The Sandlot, appearing in countless movies and television shows. Shortly after taking on the Beast, Guiry also made another fluffy friend in the 1994 remake of Lassie and then expanded to non-puppy projects. He popped up in the iconic All I Wanna Do (it's iconic to me, anyway), as well as Black Hawk Down, Mystic River, and Strangers With Candy. His television roles include a guest spot on Law & Order: SVU, which all actors are required by law to appear on at least once, and a series regular gig on The Black Donnellys.

This year, you can catch Guiry in Chicago Justice, as well as in the films Brawl in Cell Block 99, Sollers Point, and, unfortunately, Wonder Wheel. All in all, Smalls has done well for himself professionally.

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Personally, things haven't always been smooth sailing. In 2013, Guiry allegedly head-butted a police officer at the Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston. He was thought to be too drunk to board a flight, so according to CNN, the police were called to determine if Guiry should attend a "sobering center" instead of facing jail for public intoxication. Apparently Guiry repeatedly threatened the officer who arrived on the scene and then head-butted him once attempts were made to restrain Guiry.

The incident occurred shortly after the 20th anniversary of The Sandlot. In an interview with TIME around the date of the anniversary, Guiry spoke about his experiences on the set of the film. "It was pretty much just playing baseball, swimming, going to a carnival," Guiry said. "For an eleven year old, you couldn't ask for a better movie to be in. It was like summer camp."

While Smalls needed a lot of coaching from his pal Benny to get better at baseball, the same wasn't true for Guiry; he actually had to have training to make him worse at the sport. He said, "They coached me a lot on how to look like I didn't know how to throw. I know my Little League coach was pretty upset when he saw the movie."

Much of the filming of The Sandlot seems to have been a fun experience for Guiry as a young kid, though it had its difficulties too. Having to film 15 takes on a carnival ride was illness-inducing, and it could also be quite the job to corral a group of little kids. During the shooting of the s'mores scene (which fans surely remember for the famous "You're killing me, Smalls" line), Guiry told TIME that they were all having trouble with a serious case of the giggles. The final friendly encounter with the Beast also presented its own problems — though they were quickly solved.

"They put like a whole jar of Gerber baby food on the side of my face," Guiry said. "So that scene where I'm looking to the side, the other half of me is just slathered in this baby goo. That dog had a field day on my face. I'm a dog-lover though, so it didn't really bother me."

As of 2013, Guiry is still appreciative of the continued love for The Sandlot. It was his first film, and will go down for many as his most memorable.

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