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The Kardashians Are Reportedly Not Happy With Rob

by Gillian Walters

On Wednesday, Rob Kardashian caused a major scene on Instagram when he posted nude photos of his ex-fiancée Blac Chyna. Although Instagram quickly shut Rob down for violating its rules, the damage to Chyna and her privacy was already done. Now that it's possible Rob could have violated California's revenge porn laws, fans are speculating on what the Kardashians think about Rob's photos of Chyna. Rob's representative did not immediately respond to Romper's request for comment regarding allegations about revenge porn or allegations that he defamed Chyna. He currently does not face any formal charges.

As one might expect, the Kardashians are reportedly upset about Rob's social media assault against Chyna. A source close to the Kardashians claims that, while the family is worried about the integrity of their brand, they're more concerned about the welfare of Rob and Chyna's 7-month-old daughter Dream, according to TMZ. Although TMZ's story doesn't quote the source directly, it claims the Kardashians are telling friends they think Rob crossed a line with the explicit photos. Furthermore, the Kardashians are especially worried Rob and Chyna's incessant fighting will have long-term consequences on Dream. It's a valid concern considering fighting between parents has been proven to negatively affect children. University of Notre Dame psychologist E. Mark Cummings said to WebMd:

... children's emotional security is affected by the relationship between the parents — not just the child's relationship to the parent.

Obviously, there's no denying Rob's posts about Chyna were disturbing. One particularly upsetting post was Rob's claim that Chyna conceived Dream out of "spite" to get back at her ex Tyga. According to TMZ, Rob's accusation about Chyna as a mother upset the Kardashians more than the nude photos. Understandably so, the Kardashians are reportedly troubled by the fact that Dream might come across Rob's allegations when she's older.

To make matters even more distressing, Rob said his "hope" is for Dream to one day learn of this incident between her parents. According to Us Weekly, Rob wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post:

I'm a savage and I always have been and I always will be and I don't give a f--k. All u may think my daughter may see this one day and I hope she does cuz this ain't love. I never want my daughter to be raised by a woman like Chyna who cheats and does drugs and alcohol with my baby in the house. Chyna been like this long before me but I chose to love all of her cuz I don't judge.

Although the Kardashians have no control over what Rob posts online, they are able to provide some stability to Dream. When Dream is not spending time with Rob and Chyna, the Kardashians regularly step in to babysit. On May 5, Khloé Kardashian posted a cute photo of herself and Dream enjoying some one-on-one time. In the post, Khloé gushed about how much she "loves" and adores Dream.

Online pettiness aside, what's going on between Rob and Chyna is definitely tough and could be illegal (though that has yet to be proven or investigated by police). One can only hope that the Kardashians will continue to be present in Dream's life as Rob and Chyna navigate their relationship as co-parents. Even if Rob and Chyna can't get it together, the Kardashians have the power to offer Dream a consistent and stable environment away from the fighting until the two could potentially separate completely. As some researchers have suggested, Dream's emotional security depends on it.