Here’s What The Night King From 'Game Of Thrones' Looks Like IRL

You know the Night King, right? He's blue, scary, and bent on the destruction of all mankind. But who is the man behind the frightening prosthetics? In case you were wondering, here is what the Night King from Game of Thrones looks like IRL. Hint: he doesn't look nearly as frightening and he doesn't appear capable of raising the dead at all. So that's at least somewhat comforting.

The Night King is played by Slovenian, Vladimir Fudik. Fudik is a stunt performer and not an actor, but he began playing the Night King in Season 6. He's performed lots of stunts in the show, and not all as the Night King. For example, he was also the stunt double for Arthur Dayne in the Tower of Joy scene in Season 6. Before becoming the Night King, Fudik worked on several other epic action movie sets including Snow White and the Huntsman, Thor, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, and Stardust. So clearly he knows his way around a sword and some excessive chainmail armor.

So what's the face behind so many epic battle scenes look like? He's an extremely human person, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending upon how you feel about it). Though finding more information about him has been almost as difficult as finding information about the Night King himself.

Helen Sloan/HBO

You may have noticed, as some fans did, that the Night King's face seems slightly different now than it has in previous seasons. That is because Furdik is not the first man to play the Night King. For the first part of the series, including the epic "Hardhome," the Night King was played by Richard Brake. So that famous image of the Night King raising his arms and bringing all the dead soldiers and wildlings back to life, that was Brake looking sinister AF.

Brake is a Welsh actor who has an IMDB page a mile long. You may recognize him as Joe Chill from Batman Begins back in 2005. He's also been in Kingsman: Secret Service, and Spy, which starred Melissa McCarthy. While some noticed the change, it went largely unremarked upon. This is probably because the actor is so covered in prosthetics, it's hard to tell the difference between faces. Also because the Night King hasn't spoken a word the entire series.

I don't know whether or not the Night King will ever get a line, but I definitely hope to find out what his actual endgame is in this war. Does he just want everyone to die? Or does he have a bigger plan.