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The Costco Black Friday Sale Is *Huge* & Includes Canon Rebel Camera Bundles For Less Than $500

I'm a mom and Costco is my jam. The membership might cost me $50 a year, but I consider that money well spent when I weigh it against having to shop for chicken thighs and soy milk only twice a month instead of every few days. Also, I'm not going to lie, my kids love the samples. And do they ever do the holidays right. Huge deals on everything from computers to coffee makers. If you're planning ahead like I am, you'll want to know what to buy at the 2017 Black Friday Costco sale.

When I shop at Costco around Christmas and Hanukkah, I have a game plan. First, I make sure that I buy a churro as I enter the store — I need my energy, after all. After that, I head straight to the big ticket items that are on the shelf that everyone will want. Then, I mosey on over to the weekly deals and ultimately, inevitably, to the rotisserie chickens and chocolate cake. I am only so strong. I cannot be expected to cook after shopping with a churro all day. Plus, I've probably included wine in my purchase, and really, I have wrapping to do. Thankfully, their cake really hits the spot.