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Here's What To Know When Buying Products For Your Baby’s Sensitive Skin

When I was a newborn, I gave my mom quite the scare when she was changing my clothes one day. Noticing a red, bumpy rash starting at the base of my neck and moving down the center of my chest, my registered nurse mother experienced a quick panic before realizing that the rash perfectly lined up with the metal snaps affixed to the front of my onesie — a culprit that hadn't affected either of my older siblings, who'd likely worn the exact same onesie. (Third child problems, am I right?)

A visit to the pediatrician confirmed a mild allergy to nickel metal, which ultimately forced my mom to abandon drawers full of perfectly good hand-me-downs and restock with metal-free options. Though the nickel allergy was specific to me, I'm sure if I were to ask my mom that she'd be able to list many similar moments of learning just how delicate each of her three babies' skin could be.

Since sensitive skin is so common for newborns and infants, Romper teamed up with Pampers Swaddlers to draw up a simple and helpful infographic that will help make sure you're finding only the best products that won't irritate your little one. From choosing blankie-soft diapers to choosing the right detergent, here's what you need to know:

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