Here's When You'll Start To Show During Pregnancy

After the initial excitement of seeing those two pink lines, announcing your news to your friends and family, and day-dreaming about your new baby-to-be, you're probably wondering about something else pretty exciting: when you'll start to show during pregnancy. It's arguably one of the most anticipated milestones during the first pregnancy. Sporting that tiny baby bump, along with your pregnancy glow, is something many expecting mama looks forward to. But when exactly will it happen? Like most aspects of pregnancy, it tends to vary from woman to woman.

According to Baby Center, most first time moms start to show at around 12 to 16 weeks, somewhere in the beginning or middle of the second trimester. The reason for this is because your uterus has expanded above your pubic bone by week 12, meaning that you may get a tiny bump that looks more like a pregnant belly and less like a food belly.

Similarly, Fit Pregnancy noted that your pre-pregnancy body type will determine when you'll start to show as well. Very thin women will likely develop a bump sooner in their pregnancy while women with larger midsections or those with very toned abdominal muscles will take longer to show.

If it isn't your first pregnancy, you'll likely start showing much sooner than you did the first time, according to Parents. Since your uterus doesn't shrink fully to its original size after your first birth, you'll probably see a tiny bump about a month sooner than with your first.

Though you may be anxiously awaiting the arrival of the only physical proof that you're pregnant — besides your constant nausea or weird cravings — don't rush things along too quickly. Enjoy your small belly while you can, because soon enough, there won't be much room to spare.