Here's When Your Belly Drops During Pregnancy

When it comes to pregnancy and your belly, it's almost impossible to overstate the many changes that take place. First you pop, then you drop, and then the baby arrives. Or something like that. Here's when your belly drops during pregnancy, and what that signifies about your wait for labor and delivery. Hint: it probably won't be much longer now.

First, it helps to understand what all this dropping business is about. In the later stages of pregnancy, your baby's head will drop lower into your pelvis, as explained by Healthline. Your baby is essentially gearing up for the birth process and getting into position for the big day. When this happens, you may notice several changes in your body. According to New Health Advisor, one of the most obvious signs is that your belly's bump will be lower. As New Health Advisor further noted, this change can be tricky to spot on your own, so you may want to enlist the help of your partner or a trusted friend to speak up if your bump appears lower one day. This exciting change can mean big things for you and your little one.

So when can you look forward to this dropping? It depends. Every pregnancy is different, so there is no definitive way to know when your belly will drop. For many first-time moms, the baby may drop into your pelvis several weeks prior to labor, whereas subsequent pregnancies may not drop until actual labor begins, as explained by Baby Center. Even if your first baby dropped several weeks ahead of time, your second or third kid may not wait so long. What's more, even if your belly drops a few weeks before your delivery date, you may not need to rush to the hospital just yet. Your kid's initial birth day could still be several days away. That said, it may be a good idea to keep an eye out for other signs of labor anyway. Whether you have to go a few more days (or just minutes), you and your baby are nearing the finish line once your belly drops.