Here's Why Your Baby Hates Onesies, According To Mom Logic

I remember the last time I dressed my daughter in a onesie and thought, “Well, now this is a perfectly crafted, not the least bit cumbersome article of clothing.” OK, so that never happened to you either? Good to know I’m not alone. Between too tight openings to pull over their heads and buttons that are made for people who are apparently very well-rested, getting a child dressed can turn into an all-out war. Curious why? The truth is, there's no real science behind it, but here’s why your baby hates onesies, according to mom logic.

Let’s start with the fact that dressing your child means he is being pushed and pulled in all sorts of directions. Put yourself in his shoes and then imagine keeping a smile on your face. If you think dressing your child is unpleasant for you, then keep in mind that it’s not exactly fun for your baby either.

There are, of course, other things that contribute to your baby wailing as you squeeze his arms into a totally cute, but yikes-this-isn’t-made-with-babies'-temperaments-in-mind onesie. Babies also dislike putting on clothes because their body temperatures take a dip when they are lying naked on a changing table, according to Parents. You know that feeling when you hop out of the shower on a chilly morning? Yeah, it’s kinda like that.

The good news is that there are ways to make getting dressed a bit easier — for you and your babe. Experts say you should try draping a soft towel or blanket over his body to keep him warm while changing him, noted Parents. You can also try having a few of their favorite toys on hand in order to provide a distraction and make the process go a bit smoother.

There is also always the option of going up a size in order to avoid wedging their head through a onesie and replicating the trauma of their journey through the birth canal. But if your kid’s head is anything like my daughter’s beautifully endowed noggin (read: huge head), then, mom, I feel your pain.