Actually, Not All Zodiac Signs Are Screwed This Friday The 13th

by Jacqueline Burt Cote

Even if you're not a terribly superstitious type of person, you might get a little nervous on Friday the 13th. For centuries, people have associated the day with bad luck (and a certain movie series starring a villain in a hockey mask only added fuel to the fire). But do you really have anything to worry about? When it comes to luck, good or bad, the stars are often the first place people look for guidance. So what does your Friday the 13th horoscope have to say about your fate?

Interestingly, while you might think this supernatural day would have its roots in astrology or numerology, no one is exactly sure how the whole hysteria over Friday the 13th got started, according to Live Science. The idea of the number 13 being unlucky may have roots in ancient mythology: One Norse myth involved a dinner party for 12 gods where a 13th guest (trickster god Loki) crashed the party and shot Balder, the god of joy and happiness. Similarly, in Christianity, Judas (the apostle who betrayed Jesus) was the 13th guest at the Last Supper. As for the Friday part, the Live Science article explains, it could have something to do with the fact that Jesus was crucified on a Friday. In 1907, author Thomas William Lawson combined the two symbols of misfortunate with the novel Friday the 13th (about an unscrupulous stockbroker). Since then, the concept has just sort of snowballed in a (somewhat appropriately) mysterious manner.

Murky history aside, if you're feeling some trepidation over this inauspicious date, your horoscope might still be able to shed some light on what you can expect!



If you're an Aries, it doesn't sound like you need to be concerned about any black cats crossing your path. On the contrary, according to AstrologyCafe, this is the perfect time to work towards advancing your goals, as the universe is in a position to support you:

"Belief in yourself is paramount now and, fortunately, comes naturally at this time! Despite recent pressures, or perhaps as a result of them, you can feel pleasantly capable, competent, and ambitious."



Taurus is another lucky sign that seems like it'll be spared from any misfortune this Friday the 13th. As the horoscope site Astrosofa explained:

"A naturally harmonious atmosphere exists between you and your private sphere. You are increasingly at the center of things and are an important person of reference, which could place extra burdens on you. You have an abundance of energy, for yourself, your family and friends."

Besides the "extra burdens" part, sounds like you're in the clear!



From love to money to work, if you're a Gemini you'll likely have an even luckier day than usual. And if you've been thinking about hosting a dinner party, now's the time (according to Astrosofa):

"Today is perfect for socializing. Just as you enjoy the company of others, they like being with you too."



No bad news looming for you, Cancer, especially when it comes to love. As Astrology Café reported:

"Matters of the heart can be intense and magical. It’s a time for connecting with your heart’s desires and more confidently pursuing them."



Similarly smooth sailing lies ahead if you're a Leo, as Astrosofa revealed:

"Your encounters run smoothly and amicably, like a peaceful flowing river. Family and friends would love to ride this wave with you."

It's the perfect opportunity, the article continues, to resolve old conflicts and strengthen relationships with loved ones.



Unfortunately, Friday the 13th doesn't exactly have the most #blessed forecast ever for you, Virgo. Astrosofa predicted conflict, arugments, and "unexpected problems" in love, friendships, and business. But all of this might have been brewing for quite some time, as astrologer Jessica Adams wrote on her site:

"Pluto in Capricorn, for many years, has challenged you to discover just how influential and potent as a human being you actually want to be. It's been most obvious with lovers, the world of children or much younger people. Interesting test."



Okay, so maybe Friday the 13th won't be the luckiest day ever if you're a Libra, either. Astrosofa warned that everything from friendships to finances could hit a "turbulent" phase, while astrologer Adams offered the following advice on her website:

"You could have more, do more and achieve more if you were absolutely sure about your role at home, in the family circle, in the household, or with hometown and homeland questions."



Scorpios are known for having a bit of a sixth sense, and according to Astrology Café, that special "skill" could kick into high gear on the 13th:

"Pay particular attention to insights now, particularly as they pertain to communications projects, health, and romantic relationships. It’s a good time to let go of a grudge. You may enjoy tremendous opportunities for self-expression."



Some say you make your own luck, and that seems to be the case right now if you're a Sagittarius (particularly in the realm of finance). As Adams wrote, this Pluto cycle in Capricorn is about your money:

"Now, you're at a point where you can either lean hard on your own self-discipline and willpower, to run your life — or let it slide again. Remember an old lesson now."



If you're a Capricorn, your "bad luck" might have to do with your family driving you bonkers, according to Astrosofa.

"You are in a state of siege in your own home and in your family circle. People are criticizing you constantly and you feel you’re doing everything wrong."

As irritated as you might be, the site cautioned Capricorns to "take time to reflect before retorting."

"If you react in a sober way, your family will regain their trust in you very quickly."



Even if you're an Aquarius who tends to be something of a loner, the 13th is a day when collaboration could be the key to good luck in more than one way, according to Astrosofa. Not only will "family and friends feel especially drawn to you," but you'll find that "teamwork is the way forward" as your confidence and optimism motivates others. And be on the lookout for some helpful financial advice, too!



Nothing to worry about for you, either, Pisces. As Astrology Café explained, the Moon is in your sign for a large portion of the day, which means you're "especially invested in making an emotional connection to the world around you."

"Your perspective is shifting in powerful, positive ways, and you’re likely to want to share your ideas and causes with others. You’re in a strong position to advance your interests through your connections, and the experiences you have are rewarding, educational, and empowering, to boot."

So just don't walk under any ladders, and everything should be fine!

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