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Gaga's Shout Out To Her Parents Was So Sweet

I'm sorry everyone, but the undeniable winner of the Super Bowl LI was Lady Gaga, with her bananas halftime show, the best part of which was possibly, possibly, that moment when she said hi to her parents. "Hi Mom & Dad" memes from Lady Gaga's halftime performance show that the world just really loves a good parent shout out. After Gaga had leapt from the roof of the stadium and descended like an avenging angel of pop music onto the crowd, she was ready to perform her only song from her latest album of the night. As she sat down demurely at her keyboard she greeted the crowd, shook back her flaxen hair and said, "Hi Mom. Hi Dad," which is the most adorable thing ever.

Even while she is an absolute queen, Gaga is relatable as hell. You know what, if I was performing at the Super Bowl halftime show, I'd probably call out to my mom and dad as well. This is why we all love Lady Gaga. Oh and the fact that she's absolutely amazing at what she does doesn't hurt things either. On the internet, people tend to express their love through memes, so I've gone ahead and assembled some of the ones that speak most to me and show just how much people appreciated her parental shout out.

Gaga's parental shout out was a cute and surprising moment in her performance. But perhaps even more surprising was a lack of any overt political statements. She started with an a cappella rendition of "This Land is Your Land" and she did put on an absolute monster of a performance of "Born This Way," widely regarded to be the most influential LGBTQ anthem ever. But that was kind of the extent of her political endeavors. Basically, she didn't say anything inconsistent with what she's been saying to fans for the entirety of her career. I'm OK with it though, I don't need Gaga to be a politician.

What is clear is that everyone was moved by her the fact that she took time out of the performance to say hi to her mom and dad. Even if she's an idol and an icon and we should all worship her as we do, she's still a real person and it's kind of amazing to be reminded of that sometimes. Yes, she does leap from buildings and wear sparkly hot pants and inspire nations of people, but she also takes a second to say hey to the people who matter to her most at the Super Bowl. Lady Gaga is just the best.