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Hilaria Baldwin's Daughter's 40-Minute Meltdown Sums Up Toddlerhood

Ah, toddlers. You never know what's going to set them off. One minute, they're your sweet, loving, and adorable baby. The next? A rage-filled 2-year-old wailing about a pink cup that you've already scoured the house for, but can't for the life of you locate. Or exploding into a pile of tears because you won't let her wear sandals on 20-degree December days. As frustrating as dealing with little kids can be sometimes, it's worth remembering that, yes, they have big emotions — but they haven't learned to control them very well yet. And Hilaria Baldwin's story about her daughter's 40-minute meltdown involving a trash can perfectly sums up toddlers.

During a recent interview with People's Celeb Parents Get Real, the mom of four opened up about one particularly memorable toddler meltdown. The incident involved her and Alec Baldwin's eldest child, Carmen Gabriela, when she was 2. For some reason the then-toddler wanted to climb into a garbage can at Union Square in New York City. And like any normal parent, the Baldwins were having none of it. “She kept on screaming that she wanted me to let her climb into the trash,” Hilaria explained. “And she was like, ‘You’re so mean! You’re a bad mommy! You won’t let me go in the trash!’"

LOL. What terrible parents, right? I mean, playing in a germ-infested, crawling-with-who-knows-what public trash can is practically every child's dream.

Hilaria went on to explain that her daughter's tantrum would have been "embarrassing no matter what." However, it was particularly mortifying for her and Alec — considering he's a celebrity and all. "People look and I'm with my husband they’re like, 'Oh, of course. Of course that’s their child.' Like, of course we’re terrible parents." She continued:

She screamed for a solid 40 minutes after that about how I was so mean I wouldn’t let her go into the Union Square trash. And I will be telling her that story at the wedding.

Of course, Carmen is 5 now — and likely well past the wanting-to-play-in-trash-cans phase. Since this epic tantrum, Hilaria and Alec have welcomed three more children, Rafael, 3, Leonardo, 2, and then baby Romeo in May of this year, according to E! Online. Still, I'm sure the Baldwins have weathered their fair share of toddler meltdowns through the years with Rafael and Leonardo. (Because it's pretty much a given, no matter how easy-going a child generally is.)

You'd think that epic toddler tantrums would have a way of making parents eventually swear off more kids. However, as it turns out, Hilaria and Alec haven't yet ruled out a fifth child together, according to ET Online. “I have a daughter and then I have three boys. And my daughter is very sure that she is going to have a sister,” the yoga instructor told Today. “She does have a sister — she has Ireland, and Ireland is so wonderful and they have a great relationship. But there’s something about a little sister that she really wants.” Hilaria added:

I think it’s possible. Not [for sure]. Alec thinks it’s very possible. He comes from a big family.

As someone who has survived the toddler stage with two kids so far — and is currently deep in the trenches with a stubborn, opinionated 2-year-old — I can totally relate to Hilaria Baldwin's story about her daughter and a public trash can. And I'm pretty sure the majority of other parents have found themselves in equally ridiculous situations with their little ones. It's a good thing toddlers are cute, though, right?

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