Netflix Thriller 'Bird Box' Is Getting Meme'd All Over Twitter

This time of year is usually all about Christmas movies — but this year, many Netflix users have already moved onto a very different genre. The post-apocalyptic thriller Bird Box dropped on Netflix last week, and people can't stop talking about it — and meme-ing it — on Twitter. So now seems like a good time to round up some of Twitter's funniest reactions to Netflix's Bird Box.

Bird Box, based on Josh Malerman's 2014 novel of the same name, centers around Malorie, played by Sandra Bullock. Malorie is the mother of two 5-year-olds, known as Boy and Girl. The family lives in a world in which opening one's eyes is dangerous due to a lurking, unknown entity that takes on the form of the viewer's greatest fear or sadness — causing the person to immediately try and commit suicide. Malorie is determined to escape to a safe place with her children, and the movie chronicles their journey to safety, along with the help of some birds.

But even though the movie is pretty serious, the people of Twitter found plenty to joke about. One particular tweet went viral over the past few days for referring to legendary, award-winning actress Sandra Bullock as "The lady from Bird Box." Yes, the tweet caused an uproar.

Because Malorie and her kids have to wear blindfolds during so many parts of the movie, many Twitter users have decided to turn this into a style trend, posting photos of themselves wearing blindfolds — or other creative means of covering their eyes.

Others, however, are pretty much still focused on the more horrifying aspects of the movie.

Another big question on everybody's mind seems to be what, exactly, are these entities?

Then again others pointed out that there are certain people who would be totally fine in the world of Bird Box.

One such example might be (however improbably) Michael Scott from The Office.

Some Twitter users mused on how blind people might feel about the Bird Box big bads.

But even though so many people are making fun of the movie, much of that seems to stem from a genuine love for (and fear of) this film.

Even if that love isn't enough to make them ever attempt to watch the movie for a second time. Understandable.

Some other brave souls, however, assure their friends that the movie isn't as terrifying as it sounds.

And many people straight up loved Bird Box — no jokes needed.

But that doesn't mean people don't still have a few questions for the writers of this piece.

If you're still wondering about a few loose ends, I'd recommend checking out the novel the movie was based on — or hope for a sequel.

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