A wiring problem with the potential to cause a fire has led Honda to voluntarily recall approximatel...
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Honda Recalls 241,000 Odyssey Minivans Over Potential Fire-Causing Wiring Problem

A wiring problem with the potential to cause a fire has led Honda to voluntarily recall approximately 241,000 Odyssey minivans. In a statement issued Tuesday, the Japanese automotive manufacturer said it had received three reports of fires happening after wiring behind one of the vehicle's accessory power outlets short circuited. No injuries have been reported.

Honda announced Tuesday it was voluntarily recalling some 241,000 Odyssey minivans sold in the United States. The recall is specifically focused on Honda Odyssey EX-L, Touring, and Elite minivans with a model year of either 2018, 2019, or 2020.

"The wire harness leading to the third-row accessory power outlet may have been damaged when the interior panel covering the harness was installed, pinching it between the panel and the metal vehicle body," Honda said in a statement. "If the wire harness was damaged, a short circuit can occur, heating the plastic harness cover and potentially leading to a fire. Honda is aware of three fires related to this issue with no reported injuries."

But Honda's Odyssey recall doesn't necessarily mean minivan owners will be left without their ride. Instead of taking the recalled vehicles off the road completely, the car manufacturer is urging owners to visit an authorized Honda dealer so that technicians can inspect, reroute, and insulate the wire harness that leads to the third-row accessory power outlet. Any wire harness found to have already been damaged will be replaced by Honda free of charge, according to the company.

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The 2020 Honda Odyssey was recently named a Kelly Blue Book Best Buy Award winner. The vehicle valuation and research company noted that the Odyssey was "value-packed" and remained "the best family hauler" thanks to its quality, utility, safety features, and ability to comfortably seat eight passengers.

Owners of recalled Honda Odysseys will be notified directly by Honda beginning in mid-March. However, those who have concerns that their model year 2018, 2019, or 2020 Odyssey may be included in Honda's recent recall can check their vehicle's recall status by inputting their VIN number into Honda's Recall website or by calling (888) 234-2138.