Courtesy Hoodie Chew Chew

These Teething Toys That Attach To Your Hoodie Will Make Your Baby So Happy

A teething baby will chew on just about anything to get a little relief. If you want to keep them happy, you’ll need to have something on hand for them to chomp on at all times. One company is making that a little easier for parents. The Hoodie Chew Chew attaches to your sweatshirt strings so you’ve always got easy access to a teether.

All you have to do is tie a knot in your sweatshirt strings to keep the Hoodie Chew Chew from falling off, and you're good to go. You get to wear one of the comfiest items in your closet, and your little one gets to chew to the their's heart content. The teethers cost $15, and they come in three different fun shapes. There's a star, a cloud, and a skull, and each design comes in three different cute colors. Parents who want to make their home a germ-free zone will also appreciate that they're super easy to clean, since they're dishwasher safe.

Hoodie Chew Chews are made from 100% medical grade silicone, and they're BPA and BPS-free. That's a good thing, because many experts believe the chemicals can have harmful side effects, according to Healthline. Too much exposure to them could potentially have negative impacts on hormone function, behavior, and could possibly even increase cancer risks.

You'll notice on the Hoodie Chew Chew website that dads are front and center. That's no mistake. A few years ago, silicone teething necklaces became the hot new trend in baby chew toys. Some are genuinely cute enough for moms to wear and pass off as a regular part of their wardrobe (I definitely did it more than once). I don't know too many dads who are into wearing funky statement necklaces, however, so the Hoodie Chew Chew is a great option for them (as well as anyone else who doesn't want to get a stiff neck as their baby wretches the necklace around).

If you're wondering whether the $15 investment for the Hoodie Chew Chew is worth it, here's something to consider: teething can last a really long time (and honestly, it'll feel like forever). Most babies start cutting their first teeth between four and eight months old, according to Parents, and it could take up to age 3 for the full set to come in.

Teethers and chew toys can also be useful even when babies aren't actively working on growing a new tooth. Verywell Family explained that mouthing toys helps little ones learn to move their tongue around, which is an important step in speech development. As a special needs mom, I'm thinking Hoodie Chew Chews could also potentially be a great option for kiddos of all ages with sensory issues, as the website notes that they're dense enough for developed teeth. Ark Therapeutic noted that having something to chew on can help children calm down and focus.

Whether you've got a baby cutting a brand new tooth or an older child who just loves to chomp on things, the biggest benefit of all for Hoodie Chew Chews might just be this: they'll help keep your kiddo from putting things in their mouth that don't belong there.