Hopper Dancing Memes Every 'Stranger Things' Fan Will Appreciate

During Season 2 of Stranger Things, Hopper and Eleven developed a very cute father-daughter relationship. It all began when Hopper found Eleven in the woods and brought her to a cabin that they cleaned and fixed up together. While he was trying to convince Eleven the cabin would become their new home, he did a little dance jig that fans absolutely loved. Of course, this then led to a number of memes that David Harbour, who plays Hopper, seems to be enjoying on Twitter. There are plenty of them out there, but here are the Hopper Dancing memes every Stranger Things fan will appreciate.

It's not surprising that seeing Hopper, who often has a tough guy exterior, do an awkward dad dance was something that fans couldn't stop replaying over and over again. From his little two step to his dorky smile, the moment was absolutely adorable and many viewers quickly realized the simple dance could be paired with almost any song. It was like the Beyoncé's always on beat meme, but with Hopper. In other words, it was instantly iconic.

Besides how cute the little dance was, the scene itself was one of the happier moments throughout the season, which got a bit darker than the first installment. Thus, it's good the fans are focusing on this scene in particular rather than those moments that made a lot of people cry.

The Hopper Dancing meme has become so popular already that someone made a Twitter simply to highlight all the different songs Hopper can dance to. "Hopper Dancing To" already has over 8,000 followers, which includes Harbour and the official Stranger Things Twitter account. Thus far, Hopper's dancing has been put to some classics like "Jitterbug," early 2000s jams like "It's Gonna Be Me," and some more random tracks like the Nintendo Wii background music.

There is really no limit to what fans will do with this little scene, and somehow each one only seems to be funnier and funnier. Especially the ones that include Eleven's reaction to seeing Hopper dancing. Paired with the right song, Eleven's look of surprise and confusion works perfectly in the clip.

Honestly, this meme is just so pure and it's the perfect thing to watch when you're feeling down. It also gives us hope that there will be more of Hopper's awkward dancing in Season 3, as he fully steps into his role as Eleven's dad. At the end of Season 2, Hopper officially became Eleven's guardian when Dr. Owens was able to get a birth certificate for her that said, "Jane Hopper."

Jane is Eleven's real name, as was revealed earlier in the season, and she is the daughter of Terry Ives, who's name was also listed on her birth certificate. Although it couldn't be seen, since Jane's last name was written as Hopper, one would assume Hopper was listed as her dad on the birth certificate, a much better alternative to her real father, which may or may not be Dr. Martin Brenner. (The identity of her biological father still remains somewhat unclear.)

With a legit birth certificate, Eleven can now live a regular, normal life with her dancing dad. Although the next season will surely still include a lot of strange things, I wouldn't mind just seeing more of Hopper's dance moves. For example, imagine if he was a chaperone at the next Snow Ball. That would be fantastic. Additionally, I'd like him to show Joyce some of his smooth moves as well.

For now, all fans can do is enjoy these wonderful memes and anxiously count down the days until Season 3 is released. Hopefully, it'll come sooner rather than later.

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