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How Are Wights & White Walkers Connected?

During the latest episode of Game of Thrones, Jon & Co. went on their crazy adventure beyond the Wall and may have discovered a very important secret about the White Walkers and wights. On Sunday, after Jon killed one of the White Walkers, almost all the other wights "died," too. So how are wights and White Walkers connected on Game of Thrones?

Jon and the rest of his scooby gang went beyond the wall to get a wight to bring back to King's Landing to prove to Cersei that the White Walkers and wights are real. However, catching a wight alive is of course easier said than done. After facing off with a wight bear and losing one of their men, the group carried on and discovered a group of wights following behind a White Walker. Figuring they'd get no better chance, the living attacked the dead and though they were pretty evenly matched it was still a bit of struggle.

However, once Jon killed the White Walker, all the wights, except one died. It now seems that if you kill a White Walker, you also automatically kill all the wights it created. Kind of like how if you kill an original vampire you kill their whole sire line. Oh wait, sorry. Wrong show.

Anyway, this is an awesome game changer because now all Jon, and the rest of the living, have to do is kill the White Walkers. Sure, there may be a bunch of wights in their way, but if you can get past them and kill the leaders, you can kill every one else in one full swoop. This information will probably become even more handy in future episodes now that the White Walker king has got himself a dragon.

Though Dany certainly saved the day when she flew beyond the wall with Drogon and Viserion, it also ended in heartbreak when the White Walker king did what many thought was impossible and killed Viserion. To make matters worse, the White Walker king then had the wights drag Viserion's body out from the icy water and did whatever it is he does to make wights. At the end of the episode, Viserion's eye opened and it was the startling light blue fans have come to know and fear.

While a wight dragon is certainly terrifying, it's easier to think about when you realize that if you just kill the White Walker king, you kill the dragon. Still, just like Dany's dragons protect her, it wouldn't be surprising if the White Walker's dragon protects him.