How To Tighten Your Vagina — Yes, It's A Thing

Do you ever feel like one of the greatest concerns women have about their bodies isn't about their breasts, heir backsides, or their weight, but about the shape of their vagina? Sure, you might not hear talk of vaginas right off the bat in day to day conversation, but once you've spent enough time with a group of ladies, the vaginal talk starts brewing. And it doesn't seem to stop. From shape, to smell, and everything in between, no topic is uncouth when it comes to vagina talk between girlfriends. Which is probably why you've heard the question "how can I tighten my vagina?" more than a few times.

That's right dear reader, you're not the only one. Vagina talk is practically a favored pastime of tight-knit groups of women. Though most women are concerned that the quantity of sex they're having affects the tightness of their vagina, they're wrong. Women’s health specialist Dr. Jennifer Wider told Women's Health that "many people falsely assume that women who have less sex have ‘tighter’ vaginas, and women who have more sex have ‘looser’ vaginas — but this is just a complete misconception." The simple reason that some women have looser vaginas than others is that all vaginas are different. According to Wider, there are only two times when your vagina becomes looser in life: childbirth, and during the aging process. But there are ways to prevent it. So whether you've just had a baby, or you just feel a little bit loose down there, get ready to work your vaginal muscles. Because there are ways to tighten your vagina, and they're easier than you might think.

So before you get deep into the idea of vaginoplasty, or sticking anything that promises to make you tighter than a virgin up your hoo-ha, why not try the au natural method that most women swear by?

Just like any muscle that you want to tighten up, the vagina needs exercise. And according to Cosmopolitan, regardless of whether or not you feel like your vagina needs to be tightened, your vagina can benefit from regular exercise. Working your pubococcygeus muscle (one of the main muscles of your pubic region) can help tone your vagina. Not only will working your vaginal muscles give you a tighter grip during sex, it'll also up your chances of snagging an orgasm. Cosmopolitan recommended exercising by clamping down your vaginal muscles "as if you're stopping your urine flow" holding for 10 seconds, and then releasing. According to the magazine, if you do two sets of 10 to 20 reps a day, you should notice the difference in about a month.

You may be on a first name basis with this exercise, the king of all vaginal exercises, the kegel. According to the Mayo Clinic, kegels do more than just tighten your vagina. Because kegels tighten your pelvic floor muscles, they also benefit your uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum. If you've been performing your kegels regularly and don't notice a change in your vagina, you may want to look into another way of tightening your vaginal muscles, such as ben-wa balls, or ask your doctor about a vaginal cone.