Rick Rowell/ABC

Zero G Looks Like An Amazing 'Bachelor' Experience

If The Bachelor is good for anything – besides the drama – it's date ideas. Forget a movie, what a dance lesson by The Backstreet Boys? Flying in zero gravity? Yes, Bachelor Nation, it's all happened on Monday night's episode. The Backstreet Boys may be a difficult ask, but you can actually make a zero gravity date happen. The Bachelor's Vanessa and Nick "flew" with Zero G, a company that specializes is "a weightless experience." How can you do Zero G? The Bachelor made it look pretty awesome.

Vanessa received the one-on-one date of the episode, and it was a flight with Zero G. According to their site, the company modifies Boeing 727 planes, and "parabolic arcs are performed to create a weightless environment allowing you to float, flip and soar as if you were in space." They describe it as once-in-a-lifetime, which it certainly was for at least Vanessa: she ended up getting nauseous, and Nick took care of her. Before that occurred, though, it seemed like an amazing ordeal.

So, how could you do Zero G for yourself? You would have to make reservations – and it'll send you back around $5,000. They also have specific flight dates in certain major locations. Las Vegas, New York, and Los Angeles are a few places Zero G flies.

They provide a few options to educate yourself for your flight – so maybe you don't get as sick as Vanessa did. You could do a workshop with Zero G, which will teach you about the science and math of the experience. They also have classes available for those who want to learn about the science – and feel zero gravity themselves.

What should you expect if you book a flight? It actually seems a lot like preparing for a regular commercial flight. There's a check-in process, an orientation, and security procedure. Then, of course, it takes a turn for the unique: once you're up in the air at a certain point, you enter the "fly zone" and now feel weightless. While Vanessa didn't seem to enjoy it by the end, it still seems like a unique experience. If you have thousands to drop on a flight like Bachelor Nation producers do, you may want to consider it for your next one-on-one date...or, you know, actual real life date.