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Amy Schumer Has Her Assistant To Thank For Meeting Husband Chris Fischer

With the news breaking that Amy Schumer is having her first child with new hubby Chris Fischer, curiosity is at an all-time high about the about the comedian and her guy. After all, they met and married within a pretty short period of time. So how did they meet?

According to Good Morning America, the I Feel Pretty and Trainwreck star told the whole story to Howard Stern on his radio show, with the bottom line being that the actress met Fischer, a chef, in one of those typically unexpected ways that you just can't plan: Fischer is the brother of Schumer's assistant, Molly. And when Schumer took a trip to Martha's Vineyard, Molly suggested that Fischer might be interested in cooking for her. Then, Fischer and Schumer started menu planning for a birthday party for the actress' friend, Rachel Feinstein...and the rest is history. Cute.

Even more adorable? Schumer and Fischer asked Molly's blessing before officially dating, according to ABC. Things moved so quickly after that that Fischer proposed after the two had lived together for a short time and Schumer took only a couple days to plan the wedding, People reported the comedian told Howard Stern. Instead of invitations, she sent out a text to family and friends simply stating, "I’m getting married on Tuesday. I hope you can come."

The wedding, whick took place in Malibu in February and featured such guests as Jennifer Lawrence, Judd Apatow, and Chelsea Handler, according to Us Weekly, boasted such comic touches as karaoke and an ice sculpture of a nude man, as per the magazine. Good Morning America reported that they walked down the aisle to "Rainbow Connection" and that Jennifer Lawrence gave a toast.

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According to InStyle, Fischer may not be a name in the news but that doesn't mean he's not known in his own field. After working for Mario Batali in New York and London , Fischer went on to run his family's farm and a famed Martha's Vineyard restaurant frequented by the Obamas. In 2015, he released The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook, for which he won a James Beard Award. Wow. So I guess we know who's going to do the cooking in this growing family.

In typical funny style, Schumer broke the big baby news in an unorthodox way, having journalist Jessica Yellin insert the scoop at the very bottom of her Instagram Stories feed, the subject otherwise being the midterm elections. That's sure a way to sneak the news in.

Seeing that this is the first child for both Schumer and Fischer, as People reported, I can only imagine the excitement. They seem super low-key and not eager for extra publicity. Schumer has already had a huge crossover career where she does movies, TV specials, and has roles on the other side of the camera, as IMDB noted. So the star knows how to keep more than one plate spinning in the air at the same time... and that's pretty much parenthood. Congrats to the happy couple.