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How Did 'Gilmore Girls' End? Season 7 Left Things On A High Note

With the imminent arrival of the Gilmore Girls revival, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, many of you may have a difficult time recalling everything that happened when the show sadly came to a close after Season 7. And with good reason — it has been awhile, so you definitely shouldn't feel bad. In fact, interestingly enough, Amy Sherman-Palladino (the show's original creator) reportedly didn't even watch Season 7. So how did Gilmore Girls end? The finale of the beloved series wrapped up with more than a few heartwarming moments, and a bittersweet goodbye.

To catch you up really quick, a lot happened during Gilmore Girls Season 7. Lane got pregnant and gave birth to twins. Luke and Lorelai broke up, and then Lorelai eloped with Christopher of all people, got un-married to Christopher and sang a heartfelt "I Will Always Love You" to Luke at a karaoke night. Rory grew up, graduated Yale, and rejected Logan's marriage proposal, which I think the Gilmore-verse in general agreed was a very good move. In the final episode, entitled "Bon Voyage," obviously, Lorelai, the town, and the fans all had to say goodbye to Rory in the days before she set off on her first post-college job. I think everyone was in agreement when Lorelai told Rory that accepting the end was "too soon."

Saeed Adyani/Netflix

At the beginning of the episode, the girls were busy planning a cross-country roller coaster tour (with a quick hello to Christiane Amanpour who was staying at the Dragonfly Inn at the time). However, those plans came to an abrupt end when Rory announced at Friday Night Dinner that she had just gotten a job following Barack Obama on the campaign trail (remember 2007?) and would be leaving in just three days to start her life as a world-dominating journalist at an online newspaper. The roller coaster trip was off, and so was the giant party Lorelai had planned for Rory's graduation.

The rest of the episode was devoted mostly to Rory's goodbyes, including a particularly touching one with Lane, as well as a town-wide celebration organized by Luke, rain be damned. The blowout was a huge success, naturally, and ended with just a little bit of fan service, with a Luke and Lorelai kiss, implying the two were on their way toward a reconciliation. And, of course, the final few moments were spent where the entire series first began: having coffee at Luke's Diner.

It's generally agreed that Season 7 was not the series' best, but the last episode definitely attempted to pay tribute to the beloved show. Now, with the revival, fans get one last chance to have the series end the way they wanted it to. And it will pick up nine years after that last cup of coffee at Luke's.