The Dynamic Between Hopper & Eleven Is Your New 'Stranger Things' Obsession

Warning: spoilers ahead for Episode 3! At the end of Season 1, Hopper went to the woods and left some food and Eggo waffles in a box for Eleven. The bait apparently worked because Eleven and Hopper are now living together in a hidden cabin in the woods. But how did Hopper find Eleven on Stranger Things?

After Eleven killed the Demogorgon, she disappeared, but it was revealed in Stranger Things Season 2 that she actually just went to the Upside Down. She was able to find what looked like a portal back to the regular world and through it she ended up back in the middle school. Looking for Mike, she went to his house but it was swarming with government officials, who were looking for Eleven. Not wanting to be caught, Eleven ran into the woods where she remained for at least a few days. Using her telekinetic abilities, she was able to kill a squirrel for food and knock out a man and steal his coat and hat.

Still, if it wasn't for Hopper she probably wouldn't have survived. Eleven discovered the box with food and happily took it, but ran off. However, she went back again for more food and spotted Hopper. The two connected, and Hopper took her to the cabin, where she's been hiding ever since. But how did Hopper even know Eleven was out there?

What most likely happened was the man Eleven stole the coat and hat from probably contacted the police once he woke up. Hopper, as the police chief, was most likely informed about this and knew immediately that it must've been Eleven who did it (there's only one known telekinetic in town, after all). Now armed with knowing the general vicinity of where Eleven was, Hopper probably figured if he left her food, and her favorite Eggo waffles, she'd come out of hiding. Thankfully, he was right.

The show doesn't it make it clear how many times Hopper did this before Eleven finally showed herself to him so it could've been a few days or even a few weeks before his plan actually worked. Either way, it's great that Hopper never gave up on her, because despite her incredible abilities, Eleven is still just a kid who obviously needs help. However, life with Hopper hasn't been perfect, but that's more to do with the fact that Eleven misses Mike more than anything else.

For her protection, Hopper wants Eleven to stay in the safe house and never leave until he's determined it's safe. It's unclear how exactly Hopper hopes to do this, but he is working with the Hawkins Lab, which is now under new management, so perhaps he's hoping to take them down from the inside. No matter what Hopper has planned, it's obvious Eleven is fed up. She wants to be back with her friends and is beginning to act out.

Although Eleven definitely shouldn't disrespect Hopper after all he's done for her, she's not totally in the wrong. She can't just live in that cabin for the rest of her life. She should be able to go to school and have friends and play outdoors. She should have a real life. Unfortunately, for Eleven, that may just be impossible. She's not a regular kid, no matter how much she wants to be, and there are still people who'd love to have her in their clutches. Hopefully, Eleven and Hopper can figure out a way to make their living situation work for both of them and still keep her safe.

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