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How Did Luke's Friend Die In Afghanistan? His Story Will Move You To Tears

It was tear-filled night on The Bachelorette (and not just because Chad got a rose). During his one-on-one date with JoJo, Luke opened up about his experience in Afghanistan. His whole story was truly touching and made my own heart melt. But the tears started flowing when he talking about losing one of his best friends, and made viewers wonder how Luke's friend died in Afghanistan.

Up until now, Luke has been a man of mystery. He doesn't get involved in the daily drama, but he doesn't blend so far into the background that you forget about him. So when JoJo picked him for Tuesday's one-on-one date, I was excited to learn more about the silent, sexy war veteran (and I'm sure I wasn't the only one.) After a day of dog sledding and hot tubbing, Luke and JoJo enjoyed an intimate dinner. In a confessional prior to the dinner, JoJo said that she hoped to learn "why and how Luke is who he is today and how he got to that point." She got that answer and more.

Luke immediately opened up (or, at least, the editing made it seem like he did) and began talking to about how he went from a small-town guy to a lieutenant in the military — a job that required him to be responsible for the lives of many soldiers. Not only that, but he was responsible for keeping Afghan children safe. Yeah, I know you're grabbing for the tissues.

And then things got even more emotional. Luke began talking about a friend named Jason, who was also in the army. Luke said the two went to church together growing up, and that Jason continually checked in on him while they were away. As Luke said, he was like an older brother. Sadly, as Luke revealed, Jason was killed in action in Afghanistan — an event that hit him hard.

The tragedy of the event made Luke realize that nothing is guaranteed, and you need to appreciate the value of life and relationships. It's clear that he's putting that lesson to action by trying to find love on The Bachelorette. (And yes —he got the rose.)

If JoJo doesn't pick him, I'm sure plenty of women will line up to take her spot.