Molly Roloff & Her New Husband Couldn't Look Happier

The world first met the Roloff family on TLC's hit TV show, Little People, Big World. Fans have since been privy to a ton of milestones. Most recently, the show's stars, Matt and Amy Roloff, have welcomed a new member to their family. The couple's only daughter, Molly, is now married, which may have fans asking "how did Molly Roloff and fiancée, Joel Silvius meet?" Their love story surely deserves a TLC show of its own.

Little is known about the couple's back story. In the past few seasons, Molly has slowly faded from focus on Little People, Big World, so the public missed out on what I am sure is a beautiful love story. Fortunately, many details of the wedding ceremony have been shared with the public.

The couple was married in a small, cozy ceremony this Saturday, surrounded by family and closest friends – and a few of the family goats. Set at the family farm in Oregon, the wedding took place in the solitude of the forest. This location is reportedly one of Molly's favorite places, so it was a perfect choice for the intimate exchange of vows. TLC also reported that Molly's brothers, Jeremy and Zach, also chose Roloff Farms as the backdrop of their nuptial ceremonies.

Roloff and Silvius shared their excitement in an interview with People:

We feel blessed to have been able to celebrate our marriage surrounded by so many people we love.

Prior to the ceremony itself, Molly's mother Amy, gushed about the coming joining of families. She announced the couple's engagement over Instagram with a touching caption:

My baby girl. My best birthday gift ever (we share same bday) My Molly girl... is home for Christmas AND she is engaged to be married. Woohoo! So happy for her. Joel is one lucky man to capture her heart. Yes he's a great guy. Love Love her forever & always❤ #secondact #shesgettingmarried #mybabygirl #awedding #mollyandjoel

Amy has also commented on her excitement for the wedding ceremony. In a heartfelt post prior to the wedding, she said:

I can’t believe my only baby girl Molly is getting married. I’m so truly very happy for her my heart over flows. Matt is working hard getting the farm ready for her Big day and I’m getting flowers, food and my house/guest rooms ready for guests and bridal party. I’m so blessed by Molly and so honored to have Joel a part of the family. It’s going to be a beautiful day on the farm.

As of now, the only information surrounding Molly and Joel's meet-cute is rumor. In Touch Weekly speculates that the two met while in college, but Joel's education and work life has been kept under-wraps thus far.

Given the amount of interest generated by the recent wedding, perhaps the couple's Spokane, Washington home will play host to the next TLC docu-series. If the two decide to maintain their life outside of the public eye, that's okay too. Best wishes to the happy couple either way!