Theresa & Larry Caputo Met Long Before She Became The 'Long Island Medium'

Back in December, Long Island Medium couple Theresa and Larry Caputo announced that they were separating — and now that Season 9 has begun fans are seeing it all happen in real time. But they've been a couple for so long, so how did Theresa and Larry Caputo meet? The reality star pair were married for 28 years and have two children together.

The news of their split first broke when Theresa and Larry released a joint statement about their break up. "After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate," they said to Us Weekly. "We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family. Please respect our privacy during this time." The statement refers to their two children, Larry Jr. and Victoria. Towards the end of Season 8 of Long Island Medium, the two began to open up about their troubles. In an episode that aired just a week prior to the statement, in November, Theresa explained that she needed a break.

"I’m in the middle of a reading with Erin and my own emotions about my relationship with Larry got the best of me," she said in a confessional. "This is a really hard time right now with Larry and I, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s just, it’s wearing on me."

Unfortunately, Season 9 of the show has seen much of the same, with Theresa and Larry coming to the conclusion that their marriage needs to end. They've been together for much longer than the years Long Island Medium has been on, though, and have two adult children (Larry Jr. is 24 and Victoria is 23). So how did Theresa and Larry meet all those years ago?

Theresa gave a glimpse into their early years in her book, There's More to Life Than This. Apparently, a psychic told her she was going to meet a man "with a beard and a mustache." She was unsure about this at first — even though she's a medium herself — because she was "dating someone at the time and didn’t even like facial hair."

Two years later, however, she met Larry at the oil company where they both worked — and he had a beard and a mustache, of course. Theresa retold this story in an episode of Long Island Medium. In the same episode, Larry recounted his side of the story: "When I first met Theresa, I thought she was great, she was beautiful, she was fun. But, never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be marrying that girl."

But they did marry, two years after meeting, in 1989. Fans of Long Island Medium have watched the couple evolve for years and unfortunately, they've decided to split. As for why, it seems that the two just grew apart — and the pressure of reality TV probably didn't help. Larry also didn't seem thrilled with Theresa's increasing fame.

As for now, though, Theresa and Larry are living on opposite coasts after the split. Theresa told Extra, "Right now, Larry is living in LA and I'm here in New York. We're just taking it day by day." While this Theresa and Larry update probably isn't what fans want to hear, the former couple seems to be doing what's best for them — and that's all fans can ask for at the end of the day. I wish them both all the best.

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