Here's How The Duggar Family Will Celebrate New Year's Eve & Ring In 2018

The members of the Duggar Family certainly have their unique traditions and family rules, but in many ways they're just like everyone else. Every family has their own holiday traditions, and the Duggars are no different. For example with 2018 around the corner, don't expect them to partake in the traditional champagne toast or New Year's kiss with a cute strange, because the Duggars celebrate New Year's Eve in their own way.

To ring in 2017, the Duggars invited many of their friends and family over for a New Year's Eve celebration, keeping with their annual tradition of welcoming the new year together, according to the Duggar Family Blog. Their annual tradition is centered around prayers for one another, the United States, and the rest of the world.

Michelle Duggar explained the meaning behind New Year's celebration for their family on the TLC website in 2012:

New Year's Eve in our home is all about family, friends and giving thanks for the previous year. Sometimes we'll have everyone to our home, other times we'll gather at someone else's house. The important thing is that we are all together.

She went on to detail for readers how exactly the night plays out, leading up to midnight:

We usually spend time fellowshipping and playing games and visiting as we get ready for midnight. Our midnight tradition is to pray in the New Year. About 15 minutes before the New Year is here, we'll start taking turns going around the room praying and giving thanks. By the time everyone gets a turn, it's already the New Year.

Michelle and the rest of her family view New Year's Eve as a chance to share with one another what is in their hearts and give thanks for the year that is passed. While they do look forward to the new year, they don't tend to make resolutions, according to TLC. Some of them make personal plans to do things like hit the gym or give back more, but there isn't the focus on the self that often comes with resolutions. Instead, Michelle explained that the Duggars turn their attention to "growing and drawing closer to God," and expect everything to fall into place from there.

While the Duggar family abstains from alcohol, they aren't without treats for their celebration. In her write-up of the 2011 Duggar New Year's bash, Michelle shared their favorite activities and go-to snack:

So it's just really a special bonding family time for us with lots of games and, of course, snacks and dips! One of our favorites is French onion dip and pretzel sticks. (We mix up a huge batch of using French onion soup-mix you can buy in the store). We play board games, Ping-Pong and pool -— lots of fun things while we're waiting for the New Year to ring in.

Another Duggar specific, it would make sense that only the married couples have the option to kiss when the clock strikes midnight. Duggars aren't allowed to kiss — or even full on hug — until they're married. The courting and engagement periods don't allow for that kind of intimacy. But considering the prayer fest that goes on from 11:45 p.m. to 12 a.m., who has time for smooching?

This sort of pious partying certainly isn't for everyone, but it sounds like just the right kind of shindig for this particular family. Each family's tradition should be as unique as they are, and the Duggars are certainly unique. French onion dip and pretzel sticks sound pretty good to me, TBH, and you can't go wrong with quality family time — no matter the holiday. It's good to know that in a time as hectic as the holiday season, the Duggars offer up some consistency.

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