TLC's "Sweet Home Sextuplets"

Courtney & Eric Waldrop Have 9 Kids To Support On 'Sweet Home Sextuplets'

by Megan Walsh
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There are a lot of expenses that come with having children, which is something Courtney and Eric Waldrop must know all too well on Sweet Home Sextuplets. Not only do they have their six babies, they also have three older sons to support. Keeping nine kids in Lunchables sounds like an almost overwhelming challenge, so how do the Waldrops afford sextuplets?

Eric owns a landscaping business, according to The Gadsen Times. And before the arrival of the sextuplets, Courtney was a first grade teacher in the Waldrops' home state of Alabama. She had to take time off during her pregnancy, and then went on maternity leave when the babies were born in 2017. She may have initially planned to return to teaching, as The Gadsen Times reported in 2017, but has since decided to be a stay at home mom. With nine kids to wrangle, it's understandable why all hands would need to be on deck.

The Waldrops had the support of their community and church after the sextuplets were born, too. Their friends and fellow churchgoers celebrated the kids' gender reveal with a 5K run and collected donations for the family, per WHNT News 19. That may have helped with early expenses, and taken off some of the financial pressure.

Eric has been running his landscaping company since 2005 with his partner Jeremy Robinson, according to their official website. Though his website bio hasn't been updated since before the sextuplets were born, the company still seems to be Eric's main source of income. They handle landscape design build, hardscapes, irrigation, night lighting, and maintenance. "We strive to provide the highest quality of work for our clients at competitive pricing," the site states.

Since Courtney stays at home with the kids, Eric's landscaping business is likely where the bulk of their income comes from. But they may also make some money from appearing on TLC's Sweet Home Sextuplets, which concluded its second season in July 2019. But it's difficult to predict just how much they take home from putting their personal lives out there on television. The show is only a few years old and the Waldrops aren't as established in the TLC roster as, say, Kate Gosselin or the Say Yes to the Dress stars.

For comparison's sake, ScreenRant reported that each 90 Day Fiancé couple potentially earned around a thousand dollars an episode, which meant $8k to $12k a season, give or take. Meanwhile, the family from Little People, Big World reportedly made over $100k per season, while the Browns from Sister Wives averaged even higher. That's all highly speculative, but it seems TLC stars' compensation is commensurate with how long the show has been on and how popular it is. The Waldrops' earnings could fall anywhere between $8k and $100k for a season, but it's impossible to know with any certainty. They definitely receive some money from the show, though.

There's no doubt that being able to afford nine kids is a huge endeavor, but it seems like the Waldrops have enough support to get through the tough times.

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