How Do You Change The Color Of Your Text In Instagram Stories?

The internet is not fond of change, especially when social media networks are involved, and the launch of Instagram Stories has shown just as much. You would think that combining two obsessions (Instagram and Snapchat) would elicit positive reactions, but users are still baffled as to what these Stories are really meant for, and what social void they fill. Those using IG Stories however, are trying to master the app, whether it be by finding that cool, purple and orange filter or figuring out how you change the color of your text in Instagram Stories.

The concept is the same as Snapchat's: Take photos and videos, post them to your Story, and they're available for viewing for the next 24 hours. Plenty of Snapchat commands translate through Instagram Stories, too. You can draw on your IG Story image or video by tapping the top right-hand corner of your screen, then selecting your color. You can add text there, too. You can't, though, add the fun stickers (you know, the avocados that say "BASIC" on them or the heart that asks "CAN YOU NOT") that Snapchat has.

There also aren't any face-filters, either. That's right, no dog-and-tongue filter, no flower crown, no tomato eating other tomatoes (okay but seriously, what was that?), no voice-changing bee filter. (If you're keeping score at home, this puts Snapchat in the lead.) One thing Instagram Stories do have, though, are varying pen shapes—a slight advantage. You have your classic felt tip, a slanted-ended marker, and some cool glow-pen that reminds me of a lightsaber over anything relevant.

I'm still figuring out all these features myself. Watch as I tried (and failed) to change the color of my Story's text:

See? No dice. In conducting my research, I haven't seen any colored Insta-text anywhere. Even on Instagram's introductory video that launches with the app's own Story, the text is all white, though they use the markers the same way I did above in an effort to make sure you can actually read what you've typed out.

Sorry about that, but remember that apps love to update. There was, in fact, a time when geofilters were rare on Snapchat, but now you can design your own! And hey, remember when Instagram videos were just 15 seconds! Now you've got a full minute!

Still wondering about that aforementioned, blue and orange filter? First, take a photo or video, then swipe from left to right. And no, you can't use your preferred Insta filter-of-choice: There's just that purple/orange one, a black and white one, and a few color filters. Happy Snapping —er— 'Gramming!