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The Instagram Selfie Sticker Will Up Your IG Game To A New Level

With its latest update, Instagram has decided to go meta. The social media app now allows you to plaster your face all over your Instagram Stories with the selfie sticker. That means you can paste an image of your face on top of or all around another larger image of your face. (See, meta selfie). So how do you create a Instagram selfie sticker? It's actually a pretty easy tool to navigate.

Instagram introduced different sticker tools on Wednesday to celebrate the news that more than 200 million people now use Instagram Stories. In addition to selfie stickers, Instagram also added custom geostickers for four new cities, sticker pinning for videos, and a favorite sticker shortcut feature, according to its blog. There's no doubt that all the creative tools are fun, but users are going wild for the selfie sticker. Why, you ask? Because you can create an infinity selfie. And give yourself some serious side-eye over and over again. And superimpose yourself into objects and beverages that wig people out. There are so many ridiculous things you can do with selfie stickers. So. Many. Ridiculous. Things.

But before you can use selfie stickers or any of the new features, you first must update your Instagram. If the tools don't appear after the update, you may have to uninstall, then reinstall the app. It's time-consuming, but worth the extra few minutes.

Got the latest version of Instagram? Cool. Now onto the fun stuff.

Snap A Photo or Record Video

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Open your Instagram app, click on the Instagram Story icon, and take a photo or video to test out the selfie sticker tool. If you're like me, you may have Dora and Friends: Into the City on in the background for your son to watch that will reflect in your Sally Jessy Raphael-inspired glasses.

Tap The Smiley Face Icon

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Once you have your shot, tap and hold the smiley face icon. It's on the top right-hand corner. After you tap the smiley face, a new sticker with a camera icon will pop up.

Take A Mini-Selfie

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That will allow you to snap a mini-selfie. You can apply different frame styles, like fade, a square, or a circle, before or after capturing an image of your mug (just tap the smaller selfie).

After you get the perfect mini-selfie, you can place it anywhere on your photo. Have fun with it. Instagram also allows you to pin selfie stickers to your video. To pin a selfie sticker to your video, tap the sticker, move it over to any object in your video, and confirm by tapping "pin." Pinning works with any text or sticker, too.

Once you're happy with your creation, post your Instagram Story so your friends and other users can see what you were doing instead of working on that big project that's due on Monday. Don't worry, I'm not judging you.