How Do You Go Live On Instagram? The App Is Rolling Out A Live Video Feature

There are certain moments in life that you wish your friends from out of town could be sharing with you. There are the normal moments — from cleaning the house or eating dinner alone — to the fun ones like my family's holiday party — that I wish I could share with other people. This is where live video comes in, where moments can be broadcasted for friends on social media platforms. Instagram is the newest app to allow live video, but how do you go live on Instagram? It is pretty simple and will soon be available to all Instagram users.

After the launch of Instagram Stories, many people criticized Instagram for the stories similar features to another app. Yet, people continued and still continue to use Instagram stories as a way to connect with their followers that might only like Instagram's interface. Going live on Instagram is built into that same Instagram Story feature — those already acclimated (or not acclimated) with Instagram Stories will have no problem with learning how to go live. If the feature is not available on your Instagram, it soon will be. According to TechCrunch, being able to go live on Instagram will be available for all users over the course of the next few days.

Going live on Instagram is simple — according to TechCrunch, all users have to do is swipe left from their home screens — like they're going to post a photo on their Instagram Story. Once they're there, there will be an option to toggle between their story, posting a Boomerang to their story, or going live. Once users toggle to the live screen, they will have the ability to go live from wherever they are, for up to one hour, and choose to end the broadcast whenever they'd like.

Live videos on Instagram will only show up on the home screen under the stories banner at the top; friends and followers will know that you're live based on the word "LIVE" underneath your story. Once users are no longer live, the video will not be stored on Instagram accounts or their story and will disappear forever — which can definitely be a good thing, depending on how exciting or boring the broadcast was.

So why would people want to go live on Instagram? People can choose to go live on Instagram because they don't want their ultra conservative aunt or grandmother posting an embarrassing comment on their Facebook Live video. Or go live on Instagram because they don't want their boss who they're Facebook friends with seeing them have fun on their day off. Going live on Instagram also allows people to reach a different group of friends or followers that strictly prefer the app.

Instagram live is another super cool feature that will allow users to feel as if their friends are celebrating their happiest moments with them. Look for the update to come to your Instagram in the next few days.