How Do You Propose To Someone? Now There's A Website That Will Tell You Exactly What To Do

Proposing marriage is hard. Well, I don't really know I've never done it before but I can imagine figuring out how to propose is nothing short of stressful. And of course, the internet has made it even more of a big deal because now you haven't really proposed unless you've video taped it, set up an intricate flash mob, lip dubbed some trending song and created a blockbuster movie-type intro film to wow your future wife and/or husband. I mean, talk about pressure.

Thankfully, a jewelry company called Vashi has created a website that will "tailor your magic moment to your beloved" and come up with marriage proposal ideas for you. The hard part is basically over, right?

I decided to try out Vashi's Proposal Quiz for myself, and see if their internet-generated ideas were as thoughtful, personalized, and appropriate as advertised. It's a relatively simple procedure, so if you're interested, here is how it works:

You answer four basic questions about your partner to determine if they're an introvert or an extrovert, what they like to do, if they like to stay at home or go out, and if you can spend a bunch of money or not. You don't have a whole lot of options to choose from: Your partner is either a "shy and retiring wallflower" or "the life and soul of the party." They either like to dance, travel, read, and write, watch television and movies, or spend time with family and friends. They're either a "cozy home lover" or "an adventerous globe trotter" and you are either looking to break the bank or go at it cheap. Sure, most really people have a little more complexity to them than they, but I mean, if you're going to let a website decide how you ask this very big question, then you're gonna have to be comfortable going into one of a few boxes.

Or you can be like me and just have a lot of fun with this, despite having no real plans to propose to anyone anytime soon.Once you select from these options you simply sit back, relax, and let the internet do the thinking for you. That's the dream, you guys!

Film Friends And Family

For the outgoing, family and friend loving, homebody, the perfect proposal would be tape loved ones saying super sweet things about your partner so you don't have to. It's cheap, which I can appreciate, and if you're super nervous about doing all the talking, having help is always welcomed.

Write Your Own Love Story

Wait, isn't this how Twilight became a thing?

A Trip To NYC And Broadway

If you have the money and if your partner likes to dance, travel, and spend their time out of the house, the internet thinks you should buy a ticket to The Big Apple and arrange an on-stage proposal after a Broadway show. Honestly, how difficult could that be, really?

Travel Route 66

Alright, I'll admit, this is actually pretty good. If you have the money and traveling is your partner's thing, I think this would actually be a lot of fun. Roadtrip? Awesome. Vegas? Awesome. Amount of money spent? OK, probably not as awesome but you get the idea.

Use Quotes From Your Beloved's Favorite Film

Unless their favorite film is Love Actually. If you start quoting that movie and bring out some big white poster cards with the words "To Me, You're Perfect" on them, the collective world will vomit. Well, I imagine they would. I dunno anything about this stuff. That's why I'm taking the quiz you guys.

Images: Josh Sherill/Flickr; Vashi(5)