Sonja Flemming/CBS

How Does A Jury Buyback Work On 'Big Brother'? A Juror May Return To The House

We've now reached the part of the Big Brother season where evicted houseguests are now going to jury, which means a jury buyback may be on the horizon. Following the Double Eviction last Thursday, Julie announced there would be a special Friday night episode of Big Brother this week. At this point, everyone assumes there will be a jury buyback, but how does the jury buyback work on Big Brother and what could it mean for the rest of the houseguests?

In the past three seasons, there's been a jury buyback in which the first four houseguests sent to jury where able to compete to come back into the game. Currently Da'Vonne, Zakiyah, and Bridgette are in jury, and if whoever gets evicted on Thursday doesn't have the round trip ticket, there will be a total of four jurors by Friday. If there really is a jury buyback it could really shake up the house depending on who comes back. The house is currently divided with James, Natalie, Michelle, Victor, and Paul all working together against Corey, Nicole, and Paulie. Paulie and Corey are on the block this week and it's been pretty much decided that Paulie will be going out those doors come Thursday. If Paulie or Zakiyah return to the house, Nicole and Corey will have another ally, but if anyone else comes back they're most likely to join the majority of the house.

Although it was on Paul's HOH that Da'Vonne went home, she and Nicole have never really seen eye to eye, so if she returns, she'll probably want to get Nicole out of the house more than anything. Plus, Paul will probably blame the fact that Da'Vonne got evicted on Paulie, who won't be in the house to defend himself. Truthfully, even with the possible jury buyback, Nicole and Corey are in over their heads. Unless they're able to win HOH on Thursday, one of them is definitely going home next week and with the next America's Care Package being for Co-HOH, even if one of them wins HOH, the other could still go home.

It'll be interesting to see how everything plays out this week, but no matter what happens, the house will definitely see some (more) drama come the end of this week.