4 Ways A Woman's Orgasms Changes After Becoming A Mom

Lots of moms hear stories from their friends about the changes to their sex lives after childbirth. Some complain about it getting more difficult to make time for sex, while others claim to be having the best sex of their lives. It could take a little while before you are ready to get busy in the bedroom again, and you may be wondering, how does a woman's orgasm change after becoming a mom.

For many women, sex while pregnant is amazing. According to Fit Pregnancy, because your genitals, pelvic region, and uterus were more engorged with blood, your vaginal area is much more sensitive when you're pregnant. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to experience really intense and even multiple orgasms for the first time in their lives. Fast forward to the postpartum phase, and things may not be quite the same. Even after the doctor gives you the OK to have sex again, you may find that you have a little bit of soreness and some unexpected vaginal dryness on your first go-round. This can improve as more time passes, and since everyone is different, you may not experience discomfort at all.

Here are some ways your orgasm changes after you become a mother.


You May Have To Work Harder For It

For a lot of new moms, reaching orgasm can take a lot more work after having a baby, and it's no surprise considering that you are probably sleep-deprived and exhausted. In fact, Parenting found that 27 percent of moms reported difficulty in reaching climax after giving birth.

Another reason achieving orgasm may be so hard is that many nursing moms struggle with vaginal dryness. According to Parents magazine, breastfeeding restricts the production of estrogen, which is the hormone that boosts the flow of blood to the genitals and increases vaginal lubrication. In the meantime, consider using a lubricant and don't skimp on the foreplay.


Your Thoughts May Get In The Way

Orgasms are not just a bodily reaction. As most women know, if your brain isn't into it, your body won't be either. According to Everyday Family, your brain depends on the amygdala, the part that controls your fear, anxiety, thoughts, and feelings, in order to have a pleasurable sexual experience. In order to focus during sex and to achieve an orgasm, your amygdala must shut off, which can be hard if you can't stop thinking if all things baby-related.


It Might Be Easier Than Ever To Climax

Believe it or not, some women actually have more frequent and intense orgasms after childbirth. According to Women's Health, the number of nerve ending near the clitoris can increase after a pregnancy. This extra sensitivity in your nether regions can make it a lot easier to orgasm than before you got pregnant.


You Might Have To Try Alternative Stimulation

Sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff told Everyday Family that many women are unable to achieve an orgasm through penetration alone. This is especially true after childbirth. You may have to try other forms of clitoral stimulation such as oral sex and the use of toys, to climax after childbirth.