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April's Departure From 'Grey's Anatomy' Could Go A Few Different Ways

The season finale of Grey's Anatomy is sure to be a big one, not only because Jo and Alex are getting married but also because it's the final episode for Sarah Drew, who plays April, and Jessica Capshaw, who plays Arizona. While Arizona's exit has been squared away, fans are still wondering how does April leave Grey's Anatomy?

A while back fans thought April would be killed off the show because she was in a bad place and had turned away from God. Fans worried she would either end her own life or get into an accident while drunk driving. However, after speaking to Rabbi, April rediscovered God and her faith was restored so fans thought that she would be totally fine. But as usual, Grey's creator, Shonda Rhimes, loves to give fans a good scare, so in the penultimate episode the season, April ended up getting into a car accident, though not because she was drunk driving.

Instead, she was with her new/old beau, Matthew, and it wasn't until Owen went back to the scene of the accident that they found April's cold body in the water. After a very stressful and nerve-wracking episode, April survived and she and Matthew's rekindled romance was revealed. So it seems that they'll get their happily ever after now, but that still doesn't explain how April will leave the show, unfortunately.

One unfortunate possibility is that April will still die. Rhimes has shocked fans before, like when Mark woke up in the hospital after the plane crash and seemed to be fine but then died suddenly. Or even when Derek made it through almost an entire episode helping other people who'd been a car crash, only to then be hit by a truck himself. Thus, it wouldn't be all that surprising if April appears to be perfectly fine and then ends up dying because of some kind of complication at Alex and Jo's wedding.

Alternatively, maybe for some reason she and Matthew leave Seattle and start their new lives together somewhere else. The biggest issue with this is that it does make you wonder if April would take Harriet with her and how Jackson would feel about that. However, Grey's has done that storyline before with Callie and Arizona, and that turned into a huge custody battle which obviously wouldn't conclude in just one episode. It's also possible that Jackson won't put up a fight if April wants to leave with Harriet, though that would certainly be surprising.

Still, the two have always been good friends before everything else, and if Jackson believes April being with Matthew is what makes her happy then we can't imagine he would stand in her way. The pair have been through so much together and have had their fair share of fights before, and it seems unlikely that they'd have a huge fight over this after everything else they've survived. Jackson knows April won't just disappear with his child, and it's also possible April and Matthew, if were to leave Seattle, wouldn't go as far as New York like Callie did. So, there are many reasons why Jackson could be perfectly fine with it.

Other than that it's really hard to guess how April's story will end. It's hard to imagine what could pull her away from Seattle and Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital other than love. That's why, as much as I would love to see April live to the very end, it's difficult to believe that she won't end up dying at some point during the season finale. It's really the only ending that makes sense, but who knows -- maybe Rhimes will surprise us all.

To find out how April's story ends tune into the season finale of Grey's Anatomy on Thursday at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.