Hilary Bronwyn Gayle/HBO

'Big Little Lies' Will Keep You Guessing Until The End

When it comes to mystery shows, usually fans are trying to figure out who committed the murder. On Big Little Lies, we don't know yet who murdered the victim nor who the victim is. And this is just two of the several unknowns throughout the series, and in the Liane Moriarty novel its based on. We're rapidly coming to the end of the series, and there are so many questions left unanswered I feel like I'm watching Lost (well, it's not that extreme, but close). So how does Big Little Lies end? The novel kept readers guessing until the final page. (Warning: major spoilers from the novel ahead!)

While watching, not only do viewers want to find out who the victim and murderer of Trivia Night are, but they also want to know all of Monterey's secrets. Who is Saxon Banks, Jane's assaulter? Is Jane's assaulter even a man with that name, or someone we already know? Keeping with that theme, who is Ziggy's dad? Then there's the issue of which child is bullying Renata's daughter, Amabella. Renata suspects it's Ziggy; a child psychologist doesn't believe it is, but Jane can't help but think he takes after his abusive father. In a broader sense, too, we want to know what happens with this cast of characters and the drama they've created for themselves — Madeline's affair with Joseph, for one.

For those you of who read the novel, most of these questions are answered. Perry was murdered by Bonnie, who married Madeline's first husband, Nathan (yes, it's that complicated). Perry was revealed to be the man who raped Jane, thus he's Ziggy's father. Bonnie was abused as a child, and her rage resulted in her pushing Perry off a balcony once she learned of his violent behavior. One of Perry and Celeste's sons, Max, was hurting Amabella (who was mimicking what he saw at home between his parents). Following Trivia Night, Celeste went back to work as a lawyer and the community went about their lives — as normal as they could, anyway.

Due to the differences between the novel and series, though, even readers aren't sure how some plot points will end. Madeline did not have an affair in the novel, so how will that be resolved? It may dissolve and Ed could have no idea... or that could lead to another Trivia Night blowout. Since Saxon Banks isn't Perry's cousin as he is in the novel, that could take a completely different direction as well. Max, in turn, may not turn out to be Amabella's bully either. Big Little Lies readers know how the novel ends, but that doesn't make them fully aware of which way the series will end. We'll just have to watch to find out for ourselves.