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How Does Hester Know The Green Meanie On 'Scream Queens'? She's Hiding Something

When Hester was revealed to be the one running the murder show during the first season of Scream Queens, it didn't come as much of a surprise. She was the very definition of suspicious thanks to her creepy intensity and obsession with dead bodies. Hester has always known what was going on behind the scenes and that insider knowledge has continued into Season 2; despite being locked up in solitary confinement, Hester isn't out of the murder game. In fact, she seems to know more about the current killer than anyone else. But how does Hester know the Green Meanie?

So far, Hester is one of the few characters who has been able to provide real clues about the killer. She even seems to have the killer's schedule down, predicting their next move and newest kill before it happens. Since she's still in lockup, it would stand to reason that the killer must be in contact with her – but why? The Green Meanie could be someone from Hester's past, or perhaps a fan of her work as the Red Devil. In a twist, the Green Meanie could be Hester herself; she would certainly know what she was up to. Then again, Hester could just be lying to everyone so that she gets special treatment: namely a nicer cell and discontinued luxury beauty products.

The Green Meanie Is Someone From Hester's Past

Though the Season 1 finale gave fans a quick history of Hester's life growing up in the asylum, it didn't reveal everything about her upbringing. Perhaps the Green Meanie is someone Hester knows from her life before the sorority house. Since it seems like every murderer in the Scream Queens universe gets sent to the same asylum, it's possible that the person who wants to get revenge on the hospital ended up there too, and that's where they met Hester. They have such similar hobbies it would make sense that they stayed in touch.

They're A Fan

One theory proposed by a fan on Tumblr pointed out that Hester's time in prison takes a lot of inspiration from Hannibal Lecter, and that connection may go deeper than matching masks. The Red Dragon followed a fan of Lecter's who went on to become a killer himself. The Green Meanie could be a fan of Hester's who was looking for murder advice and contacted her in prison; this could explain why Hester knows so much despite being so isolated. She could be corresponding with the new killer.

Maybe Hester Is The Green Meanie

While it doesn't make a lot of sense for Hester to be the Green Meanie, stranger things have happened on Scream Queens. It's unlikely that she'd be able to escape from her cell to go on a murder spree – and why come back to the cell at all if she could get out? – but it was also unlikely that she could stab herself in the eye with a stiletto without being killed or blinded. You have to take this show with a grain of salt.

But She Could Be Lying

Hester does seem to know a lot, but she could just be really good at bluffing. There's a possibility that she's merely manipulating everyone to get herself out of prison and into a much cushier situation. Even if she does know something, she might not have as much information as she says she does. Providing information about the killer obviously works to her benefit, so Hester could be pretending to know more to get what she wants.

The most obvious solution also seems like the most likely. The Green Meanie is probably someone Hester met before the events of the season started, and fans just haven't seen how that happened yet. It's clear that Hester passed on all her favorite tips and tricks, down to lopping off limbs and choosing the most unsettling masks. There are a lot of names in the running when it comes to guessing the identity of the Green Meanie, but it seems possible that Hester might be their murder mentor.