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Elena's 'TVD' Return May Come With Consequences

When it was revealed that Nina Dobrev will return to The Vampire Diaries for the show's series finale, I was overjoyed with happiness. I mean, you can't properly say goodbye to the series without its main star. But now that her return is solidified, fans are now wondering how it's all going to come about. And it seems like, low and behold, Kai may end up being the answer to our problem. So how does Kai bring Elena back on The Vampire Diaries? I have a feeling that it's going to potentially come with some severe consequences.

But first, let's just refresh ourselves on the situation here. During the end of Season 6, Kai placed a curse on both Elena and Bonnie. He magically linked them so that the only way Elena could ever wake up from her sound slumber was if/when Bonnie dies. And while that may not seem like a huge deal on a show that consists of mostly vampires who won't age for all of eternity, it was a big deal for Bonnie because it meant she'd never be able to see her best friend ever again. So logically, the only way to explain Elena's return would be to assume that Bonnie dies, right? While that's certainly a possible option, especially since we know someone is dying in the TVD series finale, that's not necessarily the only way this could end up going down. For example...

Bonnie Dies

Yes, worst case scenario would be that Bonnie ends up dying and it promptly wakes Elena up. But really, when has anything in Mystic Falls ever been that cut and dry? Plus, the writers know that we expect this will happen, so I seriously doubt they'll be that predictable. Also, hasn't poor Bon-Bon been through enough?

Kai Dies

OK, so yes, Kai has already technically died after Damon promptly decapitated him back in the Season 6 finale. He's been in hell ever since: literally. But what if something happens that can take him off the map for good — to the point of where there's no coming back ever because you no longer exist even in the afterlife? Maybe that could potentially break the curse he put on Elena and Bonnie, allowing them to both come out of this thing alive.

Kai Becomes Human

While I have a sneaking suspicion that Kai isn't going to be long for this world, there's always a chance he could surprise us all and survive. But what if that means he has to become human? And when I say that, I don't mean a human with magical abilities. I mean a regular human with no supernatural connections of any kind. Could the spell be broken then since Kai's magic no longer exists? It's possible!

There's A Special Loophole

Sure, Kai said that the curse was unbreakable and any attempt to find a way around it would result in Elena's demise. But can we really believe this guy? Obviously, this put the gang in a difficult position because while they wanted their friend back, they didn't want to risk her safety on the off-chance Kai was actually telling the truth for once. So perhaps it's finally time for him to come clean and admit there was a loophole built into the curse after all. It'd be a classic Kai move, really.

Either way, I'm so excited to see Elena back in Mystic Falls once more. Let's just hope Bonnie (or anyone else) doesn't end up having to pay the price for it.