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How Does Rick Kill Negan On 'The Walking Dead'? Season 7 Presents A Few Options

Though the premiere of The Walking Dead extinguished Rick's fire when it came to taking out Negan — the newest threat to everything Rick holds dear — I seriously doubt that will last forever. Rick and his people are in mourning now. They experienced some of the worst trauma they've gone through yet (heaped on top of all that untreated PTSD they're still dealing with from years past), but they're going to have to regroup and fight back eventually. Maggie, for one, is definitely ready to lead the charge. But how does it happen? How does Rick kill Negan on The Walking Dead?

Well, spoiler alert: he doesn't, actually, at least not in the comics anway. The TV series and the comics it's based on are not entirely identical, but the show is rapidly catching up to places the comics have already covered. That gives fans a little insight about how things shake out with Negan, but unfortunately the outcome will be less than satisfying for some. In the comics, Negan is captured but not killed and kept as a prisoner for two years until his eventual escape. He's punished for his actions, but not as much as anyone would like after watching him take out Glenn and Abraham. But the show could always end up going a different way, so in case it does, you can only wonder just how Negan might meet his maker.


Maybe Rick won't be the one to take Negan out at all; he's not the only one with reason to do the deed. Maggie was the only character still ready to take action after the events of the finale, and she's one of the most justified in doing so, along with Sasha and Rosita. All three women lost a man that they loved, so it would be darkly fulfilling to see them team up and take Negan down. They could do it J.Lo in Enough-style: carefully planned and satisfyingly brutal. Imagine the training montage!

Shane Style

Rick and Carl have proven themselves an effective father-son murder duo (hey Shane!), so they could easily use those same skills to do away with Negan. It would also make narrative sense: not only were they particularly targeted by Negan in the premiere, but they all end up forming an interesting relationship in the comics. Though Rick and Carl both want Negan dead, they also seek him out for conversation and advice while he's imprisoned. It's a complicated situation that could be made even more complex by Rick and Carl taking Negan out together.

That, or Rick can just bite Negan's throat out. It's been effective in the past.

Undercover Killer

Daryl has been placed in an interesting position on the show now: not only is he inside Negan's compound, but Negan actively wants him on the team. Daryl has been resisting because he's Daryl and is amazingly loyal, but maybe he could get things done by pretending to give in. He could work as a double agent, claiming to be a Savior so that he could infiltrate Negan's inner circle and destroy him. He has motive and opportunity, so it could easily work.

Iron To The Face

Negan has a long list of enemies, even amongst his own people. Dwight and Sherry both have good reason to kill Negan after what he put them through and they could use his own threats to do it. Dwight was disfigured with an iron to the face as punishment, so he and Sherry could do the same to Negan – and just leave it on a little longer to make sure they get all the wrinkles out. Gruesome, but it gets the job done.

Getting Lucille'd

Truly the most deserving death for Negan would be a taste of his own medicine. In that case, it doesn't really matter who does the deed so long as the murder weapon remains the same. Negan getting done in by his own beloved bat would be the perfect way for him to get his comeuppance.

There's no guarantee that any of this would or could happen – it doesn't really seem like Negan is going anywhere any time soon – but when you're feeling your most bloodthirsty, it sure can be fun to imagine.